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Shabby Chic Living Room

By: Jennifer Bailey

The shabby chic living room has been popular since many years ago. Now, its popularity is skyrocketing. In general, a shabby chic style is actually a mixture of a couple of other styles, such as rustic nature and modern chic.

Since it has a rustic touch, it uses vintage furniture. The vintage furniture is used for the purpose of giving the room a specific character.

Homeowners choose to utilize a vintage coffee table because, most of the time, it has unique details.

Moreover, the wood that looks weathered will strengthen the vintage vibe in this shabby chic interior.

Then, when it comes to colors, in many of them, you will notice that the shabby chic living room often uses eye-pleasing colors.

Here, we have some examples for you. You have to be ready to see how gorgeous it is to combine these unique characteristics into one. Let’s dive in!

Elegant Chandelier Shabby Chic Living Room

Love the vintage coffee table! This gorgeous antique table is accompanied by vintage standing lamps and drawers at some corners.

Moreover, you can notice the floral pattern on cushions and wall decorations. The pink hue on the flowers is illuminated perfectly by the classic vintage chandeliers.

Classic Feminine Shabby Chic Living Room

This shabby chic living room is so strong with a feminine touch. It is dominated by pastel pink hues and white. The pastel pink hue here decorates the pillows, furry rug, and the drapes.

Meanwhile, the coffee table, couch, and the wall are adorned with pristine white. In order to give a background where those colors are shown splendidly, a dark hardwood floor is a great option for such a natural theme.

Shabby Chic Coffee Table

This unique coffee table is made of a repurposed treasure box. The box seems to come from the old era as well.

Moreover, the edges are rusty and flaky, giving a strong vintage character to the living space.

The soft pastel color that matches the hardwood floor and the couch too, so everything in this shabby chic living room is well-balanced.

Flowery Shabby Chic Living Room

The most noticeable element in this shabby chic living room is the floral pattern and decoration.

The flower pot can be spotted on almost every table, while the floral pattern can be seen decorating the pillowcases on the cushion.

To accentuate them, the choice of white linen cover is a brilliant idea.

A Modest Modern Shabby Chic Living Room

Floral pattern cover on the cushion is what we love about shabby chic design. It’s extended to the rug under the distressed coffee table.

A vintage smaller nightstand is placed between the couch and the wall. It’s a single drawer stand with a floral ornament. The pink from the rose is so vibrant.

A Shabby Chic Living Room That’s Rich in Yellow Tone

A sense of calmness and relaxation are what this shabby chic interior is all about. Linen is used as basic material for curtains or pillows and couch covers.

Meanwhile, the coffee table here looks distressed but strong and sturdy at the same time. The romantic feel here is caused by the flower decorations on the table and the stand.

Shabby Chic Living Room with Captivating Pictures in Frames

Captivating wall decoration of flowers, motivating quotes and iconic buildings. They’re made in a similar tone and frame color.

But we also notice the unique feet of this marble top, roundish coffee table. Its white goes along with the rest of the furniture.

The rattan basket and a touch of green leaves are natural elements that make this shabby chic living room a whole.

Shabby Chic Living Room with Wheeled Farmhouse Coffee Table

The weathered farmhouse coffee table provokes the vintage aura to radiate throughout the room.

Looking at it closer, the paint has chipped on some parts and the wheels are probably rusty, but those that give the table a strong farmhouse vintage feel for the shabby living room.

Moreover, the rattan basket as extra storage underneath is a great addition!

An Open Shabby Chic Living Room

A breathable space with natural elements. A rocky wooden armchair is varnished to look alike the hardwood floor below.

Yet the blue mint vintage coffee table is flaky with chipped paint here and there.

The white linen drapes blend with pristine white background and the greens stand out, giving a natural feel to this gorgeous shabby chic living room.

Romantic Cottage Living Room with Floral Decor

This romantic interior design is making you feel comfortable and, of course, vintage.

The rustic coffee table is distressed and weathered enough to bring the shabby chic feel. Not in a farmhouse way, but in a glamorous castle way.

Then, the exposed bricks on the wall thicken the unfinished look. Moreover, the floral decoration is not excessive that it actually makes the room look romantic and warm.

Barn Conversion Coffee Table Shabby Chic Living Room

Nicely painted with pastel mint green, the barn-like coffee table stole the attention. Its old, vintage appearance goes along well with the knitted linen rug.

The wooden tabletop is varnished spotlessly. To strengthen the barn feel, a rattan basket is added for decorations. Overall, this living room offers white and natural linen color for fabric.

Shabby Chic Wall Art

The ambiance of this shabby chic room is very country-like. The room is dominated by white and yellow tones. But the attention is diverted to the huge rattan love ornament on the wall.

It has small light bulbs that’ll illuminate the room with warmth and calmness. In the middle, the dark wood coffee table looks strong and sturdy.

Shabby Chic Sunroom

The purity of white adorns this shabby chic room. The interior design prioritizes vintage furniture that has been repainted with white.

The antique chandelier is hanging graciously on the ceiling, while soft linen fabric makes the curtain looks light and translucent, making the room extremely airy and open.

Pink Hue Dominance Shabby Chic Room

Giving a feminine touch to this splendid shabby chic room, the pink hues dominate it perfectly.

Start from the linen pink drapes that blend nicely with a beige colored couch and the pink furry blanket.

On the table, there’s a tray filled with a set of vintage teacups and a bottle of pink roses.

Shabby Chic Living Room with Wooden Floor

Bright and vibrant tones from the combination of white and pastel pink.

Brilliantly, the shade of pink is used partly on a floral pattern of the pillow cover, the roses, blanket and a scarf tied to the vintage cabinet.

It does bring softness to white. The cabinet, on the other hand, looks weathered and distressed, strengthen the shabby feel.

Merged Living Room

An open, airy space for both shabby chic living room and kitchen. In both spaces, vintage furnishings are used.

In the living room, the barn converted coffee table seems to have flaky paint which elevates its ‘vintage’ price. Accompanied by the clay pot, it’s a look from the old era.

While in the kitchen, you can see industrial style chandelier becomes the room’s centerpiece.

Striped Sofa for Shabby Chic Living Room

Creating a shabby chic living room with a limited budget can be started from reusing an old, weathered ladder for hanging cloth.

The ladder has been repainted with white paint, but it seems to be painted messily to create a farmhouse feel.

Moreover, the mint-green treasure box that becomes the coffee table is a unique touch for the whole farmhouse, shabby chic look.

Shabby Chic Country Style Mixture

This shabby chic room is thick with a country feel. Its drapes are made of natural fabric like linen.

Then, the wall is uniquely decorated with vintage picture frames repurposed for hanging floral decoration, whether it is a plastic flower pot or a knitted floral painting.

Classic Vintage Glam Shabby Chic Living Room

This glamorous shabby chic living room has one side of its wall exposed, yet it’s one of the room’s best features.

The exposed bricks that have been repainted with white to look like the rest of the room brings a strong character.

Another strong element is the antique mirror. Its amazing detail mesmerizes anyone who sees it. Splendid!

Barn Converted Coffee Table

A converted coffee table is a loveable view to enjoy!

Taking advantage of recycled barn wood is always a good idea. The metal is a bit rusty but that’s what makes the table gorgeous.

There are many dark stains to be spotted as well, but homeowners must be keeping them in purpose.

Modern Shabby Chic Living Room

An alternative idea to follow the shabby chic trend train. This room employs several different pastel shades, such as pink and purple.

Those which are very feminine colors. To soften the vibrant feminine shades, bring natural light brown color to the floor, giving a quite strong background.

Repurposed Barnwood Coffee Table for Shabby Chic Living Room

A vintage coffee table, presented with its stains and flaky paints to show how old it is. It has a large opening in the middle for additional storage.

To avoid a mess, insert two medium rattan baskets for storing toys or other things. The tabletop is composed of bran wood planks that look as old.

Shabby Chic Living Room with Pink Floral Print Wallpaper

Make the floral pattern extremely noticeable by making it a wallpaper. Aligning the color with its surroundings, which is a soft, pastel pink hue.

Add two additional wooden frames that actually display the wallpaper. To accentuate the floral theme, place an actual rose in a glass pot.

Other shabby chic styles to try:

Distressed Wooden Wheel on Shabby Chic Wall

What a vibrant shabby chic living room! Undoubtedly, the mixture of such vibrant hues has to be measured carefully.

But our eyes are looking at that unique distressed wooden wheel decoration on the wall.

From this vantage point, certainly, the white paint has been flaky and chipped, yet those are exactly what adds the value of this shabby chic decoration.

Shabby Chic Living Room in Soft Color

Pink and blue are two of the most favorite pastel colors for a shabby chic living room. Especially those who fancy a feminine touch.

Here, the pink and blue are used softly to decorate the couch, tall-standing coffee tables, and the drapes. Plus, the floral print here is shown strongly, accentuated among these soft shades.