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29 Beautiful Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Try in 2021

By: Evelina Nilsson
Black Kitchen Cabinet With Open Shelving

Choosing a color for the kitchen cabinet is crucial because it affects mood, and it can be improved by having vibrant or neutral colors around the kitchen—a lot of people fancy white for a clean kitchen look.

Although white has been used as a symbol of purity and innocence for centuries, it’s time for black to be back on stage. Black, as a color, represents elegance and power. It is such a prestigious color that once you apply it to the kitchen cabinet, it will boost your mood while cooking.

For more inspirations, we have collected exceptional black kitchen cabinet ideas. These dark designs will make your kitchen concept bold and phenomenal.

Industrial Kitchen

It seems like industrial is the most common interior design style that incorporates dark kitchen cabinets such as gray and black. We have compiled the best designs of industrial kitchen with black cabinets below.

Clocktower Loft

Black Kitchen Cabinets
Design by Muratore Construction

This kitchen style is ravishing. Its look is composed of exposed brick walls, which are the staple characteristic of an industrial kitchen concept.

The extended cabinets that are too high to reach are now accessible by a sliding ladder to emphasize the concept. At night, the pendant light fixtures above the black granite countertop will illuminate the entire space nicely.

Brick Backsplash

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design

The industrial feeling in this kitchen is quite strong. Mainly, it comes from the exposed brick walls, except that the walls aren’t actually composed of bricks.

They are marbles. The marbles are in accordance with the industrial style open shelving, which incorporates plumbing pipes design. As a final touch, the black cabinets are utilized to bring depth and height.

Lighted Shelves

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design
Photo by Andrew Heiser

Popular belief says that matte black is sexy, and we have legitimately proven it here. Other than that, its combination with open shelvings on exposed brick walls displays a contemporary demonstration – modesty and modernity blend together.

The kitchen’s sophisticated look also comes from the task lighting fixtures perfectly hidden under the shelves. Its brilliant illumination envelops the overall aspect admirably.

Industrial Loft

This loft-like layout is suitable for an apartment dweller who fancies New York loft-style with an industrial feeling. Some industrial buildings’ characteristics are high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and concrete floors preserved in this design.

The black kitchen cabinets are accompanied by other industrial features such as the triple pendants and the exposed pipes that hang the open shelves.

Concrete-like Cabinet

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

In the most recent popularity, a modern urban house becomes more trendy with industrial kitchen design. The design features admirable industrial characters such as exposed pipes. One of them has been transformed into a unique and creative table foot. The others can be seen on the ceiling, connecting the rustic pendant lights. Another feature is the black base cabinets. Without handles or pulls, they look very sleek. Above them, the kitchenware is creatively hanged.

Farmhouse Kitchen

While the most popular cabinet color for farmhouse kitchen style is white, we find black cabinets might also work well.

What do you think about black cabinets for a farmhouse kitchen style? Do you prefer to use white instead? See below!

Arched Window

Black Kitchen Cabinet With White Countertops
Source: Custom Home Group

From such an angle, the arch window steals the attention. It provides us with an outdoor view while washing dishes or vegetables.

Moreover, the window jamb has the same black hue as the base cabinets. They are ornamented with silver cabinet pulls, which are both horizontal and vertical. On top of them, the subway tiles offer a timeless look for the kitchen space.

Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design

The exposed brick wall characterize this farmhouse style kitchen. And the fading color of it also emphasizes the kitchen’s rusticness. To comply with the theme, the kitchen incorporates black cabinets. Black is one of the neutral colors that can go with almost every other color. Here, black transforms the kitchen greatly. It dusts off the old and rustic feeling and brings in a modern touch.

Modern Loft

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This kitchen space has a dominant white color. Its subway tile wall and countertops are all in white. However, the white is balanced by black, which is a slightly darker grey than a complete black. The farmhouse style kitchen incorporated here can be seen from the wooden frame of the island. Another characteristic is the farmhouse light fixtures hanging above the island top.

Glazed Roof

During our research, we found two sensational kitchen designs with glazed roofs that incorporate black cabinets. Having natural light in our kitchen will bring the fun of cooking outdoors!

Shaker-style Cabinet

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The kitchen area is bright in the daylight due to the large windows and glazed roof. This kitchen is embellished with many white hues, such as on the backsplash, the island’s countertop, and more. The appearance of white accentuates the black base cabinets.

More than ever, the black base cabinets look more noticeable and sturdy. With the help of natural light coming in from the skylight, the kitchen space looks airier. The vegetations decorating some corners also give a refreshing look to the kitchen—more on Houzz.

Put Some Plants

Black Kitchen Cabinets

The cooking experience in this kitchen will be marvelous. Who can refuse a chance to cook with a view? Bet, no one. The glazed roof, other than giving a nice view outside, invites plenty of light inside too. Since the kitchen space received so much light during day time, the black cabinets are excellent to absorb it to avoid glare.

Modern Sleek Design

Black Kitchen Cabinet With Gold Handles

An airy, spacious kitchen area is required for a pleasant cooking experience. This design provides ample space and a refreshing look.

The look involves superb black base cabinets with gold cabinet pulls, which give the cabinets a classy appearance. Moreover, the open shelving enables us to reach crockery with ease.

Interested to know more? See the home tour here.

Sebastian Cox Kitchen

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design
Source: deVOL Kitchen

This model is called “The Sebastian Cox Kitchen” by deVOL, showing a less dominant black kitchen cabinet. The black hue serves an intense ambiance. Therefore, the textured wood cabinets bring in warmth and neutralize black’s intensity.

The wood and the white aspects in this kitchen, such as the granite countertop and the soft sandy beige walls, help preserve a neutral atmosphere.

Phoenix by Varenna

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This spacious kitchen area provides an astonishing outdoor view through its gigantic glass doors. The intense black cabinets give out a strong personality of the kitchen.

Other than space-saving, the built-in oven cabinet on the left side is captivating too. The main area is using an open shelving concept to enable reaching the crockery with ease and showing off a charming display.

More on Archiproduct.

Luxurious Black Kitchen

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design

This cooking space looks super modern. Its modern aspect is also shown by the cabinet design. The cabinets are without handles, so they appear simple yet sleek.

The black cabinets are slightly dark grey, similar to the background wall, so they vanish atop the white base cabinets.

Other than that, the wooden breakfast table has a texture that gives uniqueness to the kitchen.

Black Cabinets in An Open Kitchen

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This model is suitable for those who fancy a dominating black color. Not only the cabinets, but the black is also applied to the island and the floor.

As an additional touch, the designer also brought in the wood’s natural color to the kitchen.

Inside, it brings a little warmth. The wooden counter stools look modest yet modern, and the bi-fold glass door that looks wonderful and flexible.

Glossy Black Cabinet

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design

This design is suited to a modern house. The modern concept can be seen from the house’s reflective cabinet style.

Not only that, but the cabinet is also equipped with a mirror kitchen splashback, which doubles the size of the space.

Don’t worry. The mirror is easy to clean off grease streaks. Simply using a mixture of vinegar and water, these stylish and modern reflective cabinets and their mirror splashback will be spotless.

Strips of Green

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Source: Wayfair

This model is brilliant in tackling a narrow space problem that is ditching the upper cabinets but keeping the base ones. Instead, the upper space is replaced by accessible floating shelves.

With an open concept, it enlarges the space, which is good for a limited kitchen area. The black base cabinets, however, are slightly dark grey when seen from certain points of view. Nevertheless, the dark grey cabinets add depth to the kitchen.

Huge Kitchen Island

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design

This kitchen occupies a spacious area. The island separates the stovetop and the countertop, yet they’re still leaving ample space to move around. Moreover, the mix of black and white in this model is quite balanced.

With black cabinets and white countertops, the checkered backsplash truly balances them out. Not only that, but an attention-stealer rug pattern also covers the floor around the kitchen area.

Monochrome Design

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes, the ambience can be too strong when the entire kitchen is enveloped in black hues. To solve the problem, a white hue can neutralize it.

In this design, the black cabinets are centralized in the corner as they are used for hardware such as the big fridge and the oven.

Black base cabinets are also seen under the island top, while the top itself uses a solid white surface.

Add Neon Lights

Black Kitchen Cabinets

We can all agree that the kitchen lighting in this design is skillfully carried out. It illuminates important parts of the space, such as the eating and the preparation areas.

The ambient lighting installed in the kitchen is blue, which serves peacefulness and calmness. To go along with the light and the white pieces, black cabinets are utilized to make the design even sleeker.

Apartment Kitchen

Black Kitchen Cabinet With Black Countertop

This model is suitable for an apartment or a kitchen in a limited spot. It’s a one-wall kitchen with black cabinets, which can save a lot of space. The choice of black in this area is matte black, which indicates strength and elegance. The addition of brown as an earth tone hue is an excellent choice too. It sparks a little warmth to black’s intense appearance.

Black Cabinets with Black Countertops

Black Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertop

This charming kitchen displays handleless black cabinets, which exhibit elegance and sophistication. Then, the cabinets are kept company with mosaics backsplash tiles, which enhance the kitchen’s overall unique look. To freshen the room, bamboo-like plants are put near the window. Now, the ambience inside the kitchen area is both sharp and energizing.

Black Cabinets with White Countertops

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This kitchen space is mostly decorated with white color – up from the ceiling to down below the kitchen island. The base cabinets are divided into two sections, black and white. White, obviously, is more dominant. Other touches of black are displayed on the pendant lighting and the island stools. With such a plan, the kitchen area looks calm and soothing, yet it still shows a character.

Brass Finish

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design

White color has been referred to as a neutral and a lighter element than other colors. As seen in this model, white is utilized for upper cabinets and the kitchen countertop. Then, below them, we have base cabinets that are using black as their color. Black displays strength and, here, it lifts the white equally.

One-wall Black Cabinet

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design

This kitchen is sizable. There is plenty of space to move around and ample room for the air to circulate. The island is connected to the stovetop in the middle, creating a long, family-size dinner table. To highlight the wooden table, there are three pendant light fixtures installed on the above. Then, the kitchen makes a serious statement with ceiling-height black cabinets.

Bring Nature Inside

Black Kitchen Cabinets

Such a dreamy and beautiful combination! This kitchen design presents matte black cabinets integrated with the other two colors, white and earth-tone brown. Since black displays a strong character, white subway tiles backsplash can tone it down a bit. Then, to add warmth, we bring inside wood color – seen on the floor. Not only that, but we also incorporate indoor plants here and there to reduce stress and boost mood.

Not So black

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Why does it not so black? It is because this color is actually a brigand color. A hue that is either black or blue when perceived in some lights. How cool! These cabinets are equipped with gold handles and accompanied by mosaic tile patterns backsplash, creating a unique look due to the tiles’ texture.

Clean and Minimalist

Black Kitchen Cabinet Design

This contemporary kitchen will make you feel like waking up in the future. The presence of white reflecting all the light that comes in makes the room brighter and more spacious. To add depth and elegance, matte black is incorporated. This choice of black transforms the cabinets into objects pleasurable to watch. The cabinets’ streamlined design is truly captivating. Don’t you agree? Overall, this kitchen look is sensational!

Subway Tile Backsplash

Black Kitchen Cabinets

The white subway tiles backsplash allow black cabinets to glow. This combination yields a timeless look because the black cabinets’ glow makes them look even sleeker. Moreover, we refresh the atmosphere in the kitchen with some plants. The kitchen island top is made of maple wood, which adds contrast.