Cozy Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom should really be the most comfortable room in your house.

However, many people neglect bedroom decor simply because this area of the home doesn’t get as much foot traffic, and guests typically don’t spend much time in it.

But, you spend a lot of time in your bedroom. Basically, at least a third of your life if you count sleeping hours, so it’s very important to make it a space you love.

So, if your bedroom could use a little loving, read on to learn the top 6 tips to make your bedroom a cozier space.

1. Opt for a Peaceful Palette

In order to make your bedroom a cozy oasis, you first need to focus on choosing the right color palette.

While there’s a lot of psychology that goes into colors, what you basically need to know is that pastel colors will help create a more light and airy feeling, while darker colors will help the room feel more enveloped.

For lighter colors, lavender and sky blue are great ideas, while grey works well as a darker base. Also, earthy tones like dark green or brown can also go a long way in making your space feel cozier.

2. Add Layers and Texture

Adding different layers and texture to your home is often just what you need to make the space cozier.

Simple pieces like a wool rug, a bamboo bench, or some velvet throw pillows can really go a long way in giving your room some much needed texture.

Just don’t go overboard, as too much texture can make the space feel chaotic.

3. Focus on the Bed

If you only change one thing to make your bedroom cozier, let it be your bed.

Adding throw pillows, blankets, and other layers can help make the space cozier, as can upgrading your bedspread to a down comforter.

Or, you may even want to consider upgrading the bed itself. A new mattress can work wonders, as can a bed with adjustable settings, such as the adjustable bed base by Reverie.

4. Turn Your Lights Down Low

In order to make your bedroom cozier, low lighting is usually the best idea.

Bright lights may seem smart, but they will actually just give your place that doctor’s office vibe, which no one really wants!

Usually, bulbs around 15 watts are what you need to create a space that’s cozy and relaxing.

5. Add a Personal Touch

Sometimes, some DIY touches are all you need to make your space feel cozier.

Some simple DIY touches you may want to consider adding include:

  • Using a vintage suitcase as a nightstand
  • Painting a handmade clock
  • Building a terrarium with some gardening materials
  • Adding in rustic wall art
  • Making a heart-shaped photo collage
  • Detailing your dresser
  • Painting the inside of your bookshelf

6. Bring on the Plants

If you don’t have a lot of time or money to invest into making your home a cozier space, then consider adding a few plants to your room.

Not only do plants help make your space feel cozier, there are also plants that can help with the indoor air quality and with improving your health.

Make sure to always opt for real plants, as fake ones don’t come with these added benefits.

With these 6 tips in mind, you should be well on your way to creating a cozier bedroom space that you totally deserve. Drop us a comment below if you have any questions.

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