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Fireplace Decor Ideas

By: Evelina Nilsson
Fireplace Decor Ideas 11

What comes in your mind when you hear the word “Stunning”? You might have various meanings for that but the actual meaning is “anything which is extremely impressive or attractive”.

Like you all want your house to look very luxurious and attractive, and you do a lot of things to make your home beautiful.

What is the perfect description for you to aim for your home decor?

Maybe you will say that good curtains, wall colored with good colors, good showcase, and many more things but these are the common things which everyone does.

But there is such a thing that if you pay attention to make it beautiful, it will give your home a moon, and that thing is your “Fireplace”, yes, if you use that, why not make that as beautiful as it is important.

So here are the 15 stunning fireplace ideas that you can steal and use it to décor yours.

Designed Marvel Surround

Fireplace Decoration

This fireplace is covered with contemporary marble surround, with smooth surfaces and clean angles and lines, will make the fireplace the first thing to be noticed when someone comes into the living room.

Everyone will like the contrast of white surround with colored wall and the big attractive frame which is placed on top of the fireplace.

So, this is also a good option for you if you want to enhance the beauty of your house.

Black Bricks

Fireplace Decor

Of course, black is the forever color, which is always preferred by almost everyone. This fireplace made up of black stone marble is something you can’t take your eyes off from.

A very common black brick wall around the fireplace and wooden roof but still it is looking batter then many other well-designed fireplaces, you can also set-up the light bulbs on top of it, and any other showcase item.

It will make your fireplace look outstanding and one of the most attractive places at your house.

Window over The Fire

Fireplace Decor

You can directly notice the reason why this name is given to this fireplace.

The whole design of this fireplace looks like two windows, and it seems that a window fires up like a dragon, this is an example of very magnificent art.

Mainly the iron frame placed over the fireplace is giving it the window look and the two flower pots on the two sides, they are looking so beautiful and fresh.

This is a very good option to choose over many designs because this design can give your house a fresh look.

Grass Hole

Fireplace Decor Ideas

Framed art is always a fine choice for above the fireplace, and if you want more attractive and unique vibes, try this kind of frames, a ring of a grass attached with the frame, this kind of frames provides a more casual aesthetic look to your house.

The curtains on the side are matching so well with the fireplace, and that door of the fireplace, which is so well designed with the iron net is making it look more beautiful and safe if you have small kids at home.

Be Merry

How To Decor Fireplace

This looks like the cute fireplace picture which we mostly see on marry Christmas cards. But having this fireplace in our own house will be like a dream come true for all of us.

All those gifts, Santa shoes, those balls, and the whole color combination reminds of all those Christmas vibes.

This is small in size but the cutest one. A fireplace covered with bricks and a brown roof, in which many gifts and a small dummy of Santa is placed.

This is the best idea for the time of Christmas, not only this fireplace but you can also decorate your any type of fireplace by taking clue of decoration from this one.

Fire from Windmill

How To Decor Fireplace

How amazing this one is looking, an additional stand inside the fireplace which is covered with a very simple white wall of tiles, but the frame of the small windmill which is placed on top of it, that is looking quite unique and antique and unique things causes to attract attention.

So this is a good option for you if you want people you notice your house interior and give you a compliment for that.

Brown Bricks

Fireplace Decoration

This whole brown color set-up is simply wow, everything is matching according to the whole stuff in the house.

A simple and raw fireplace made with simple bricks without any fancy designing is giving the very classy look.

This sofa, table, and fireplace is the proof of a very good choice on decoration, and all of it just works together to create a lovely traditional yet standout fireplace.

Fireplace with Door

Fireplace Decoration

A very common fireplace covered with cream color wall and door. The unique thing about this door is, this fireplace has a door that you can cover on summer days, if not in your use, but mostly there are no doors on fireplaces.

This fireplace is not big in size and suitable for every kind of house, not so stylish but this will give your house a very neat and clean look.

So if you don’t have a large space at your house, but you want your fireplace to look attractive then this fireplace option is best for you.

Frames over The Flames

Fireplace Decoration

This is also not a bad idea to place your favorite photo frames on the top of the fireplace.

But your photo frames should match the color of your fireplace, like this picture, the whole set-up is perfectly placed and both two frames are matching the color of the fireplace and promoting its aesthetic appeal.

Fireplace Mirror

Fireplace Decor Ideas

A fireplace covered with horizontal shaped brown tiles and covered with two white pillars from the side and a simple white roof.

This is a similar fireplace like other ones, but the thing which makes this different from other fireplaces is the mirror placed on its top.

The reflection of the roof chandelier is looking so beautiful on the mirror, and the whole set-up with candles, basket and light color is looking so cute. So going with this design will be not a bad idea.

TV and Fire

How To Decor Fireplace

What an idea, just imagine it’s a time of winters, you sitting on those sofas with your family and enjoying your favorite tv show sitting in front of the fireplace what an amazing feeling.

This is one of the best ways to occupy the extra space over the fireplace.

It’s not necessary all the time to place photo frames in that place this is also a nice idea and it also gives your house a nice set-up look, so now hurry up, make this idea yours and give your house a different touch on decoration.

Fire inside White Wall

Fireplace Decoration

Fireplace covered with a simple white wall, and the simple boundary of marble, this is good for someone who does not want a lot of mess around the fireplace, because the more you use stuff to decorate your fireplace, the more it will be hard for you to manage all that stuff.

So not using a lot of decorative things sometimes is a good idea, it saves your time, gives a neat and clean look, easy to maintain the hygiene and also gives your house a well-maintained look, so this is also a good option for lots of people.

Fireplace Wall Shelves

Fireplace Decor Ideas

This is a great idea to occupy the extra space around the fireplace. There is no doubt that this looks beautiful but also it is very useful because you can also use the space given on the shelves to put your other stuff there.

This all-black color is something that makes it more worth complementing.

You can also decorate it with some green plants like in this picture, you can also use a hanging money plant, because the combination of black and green is something unique, and that is something you want.

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Open Space

Fireplace Decoration

It’s not always necessary to put lots of decorating stuff around the fireplace.

You do not need to confuse about what to put on the fireplace to make it look good, because sometimes less occupied space also gives some different classes.

If you really feel that you should put something around the fireplace then you can occupy that space by putting your favorite flower pot or any showcase on it.

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Candle Desk

Fireplace Decoration

A very clean and basic design made with simple white marble bricks. Which gives your house a very neat and clean look.

Totally match with your wall color if it’s white or cream, if you go with its name, you can also decorate it by placing the candle stands on top of it.

The combination of this whole design is very basic but gives your home a great look.


These are some stunning fireplace décor ideas that can make your house look more different and attractive. Steal anyone of these and apply it for making your fireplace beautiful.