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22 Small Nightstand Ideas Perfect for Small Bedrooms

By: Nishtha Sadana

It is true that little things matter in design. And especially when it comes to a bedroom – nothing can pull off the entire look together than a dashing nightstand. After all, this is where you get to style your table lamp, clock, phone, and a stack of your favorite books. So, regardless of how large or small your bedroom is, these nightstands prove to be an utmost necessity!

However, a major challenge arises when decorating a small bedroom that is tight on space for the nightstands. So, should we pull back? Well, no! It is time to think beyond a generic ‘boxy’ nightstand for some chic styles to add a stylish statement to your small bedrooms. So, here is a list of 20 compact nightstands to snug into your smaller bedrooms.

The Narrow One

Avoid being matchy-matchy and try something unique! Well, who says that your nightstands have to match the bed? This narrow yet eye-catchy nightstand looks cohesive and saves ample space in your small bedroom. 

And you know what makes this tiny nightstand so unique? Well, it plays amazingly well with proportional and scale, overall. You can incorporate it in modern, vintage, as well as Scandinavian interior design styles. 

Bold and Curvy

Let’s break the norm by incorporating a bold and unique compact nightstand! It is not necessary to use a lighter material to feel airy – sometimes, bold and heavy could also play a stunning element in smaller bedrooms.

Especially for Contemporary, Eclectic, and Art Decor interior design styles – this skinny little nightstand is what you need! They play a focal while conveying your very quirky style and personality!

Play it Round

Why think cubes and cuboids when you can use intriguing cylindrical shapes, instead? This noteworthy space-saving nightstand is bound to add a playful yet characteristic vibe to your bedrooms.

Use the round tabletop and open shelf underneath to store books, watches, and phones during the nighttime. Also, it is a plus if you have a fluid contemporary style as it perfectly blends into your bedroom’s backdrops seamlessly!

Glam and Airy

Elegant and sophisticated, this glam golden-tinted small bedside table is what will make your bedroom look much airier and lighter. It features a white faux stone on the tabletop and light metal-framed patterned legs to add utmost luxe and detail!

Even though it can’t store a lot of your belongings – it will still add a stunning feature to the room. Designed for interior design styles like Hollywood Glam, Contemporary, Eclectic, and Modern – this compact nightstand is what you should be looking forward to. 

Style and Restyle

It is time that you style and restyle your old side tables and stools that you no longer use. It is not necessary to have a nightstand to play a nightstand, right? You can also reupholster or repaint the existing unused pieces to craft an absolute stylish backdrop.

Whether it is your kid’s bedroom or the play area, this small nightstand is a great option to add some fun pop while styling some planters and decoratives. You can also paint in a brighter hue and place them against a bare wall to add a captivating charm!

Boho Vibes

It is true that nightstands are what reflect your true style at first glance. So, if you have a free-spirited boho soul, why not try this unique woven rattan nightstand to add a textural substance to your bedrooms.

They tend to play a perfect accent and meanwhile, are flexible in terms of usage! So, think about incorporating them in your bedrooms, living rooms, as well as formal rooms. They can also play a comfortable stool if required!

Mid-Century Style

Clean and sleek, this mid-century style thin nightstand with a single drawer is a great way to throw some style while still being functional. Exhibiting a perfect retro look, the natural wooden textures are quite likely to complement your timeless backdrop design.

If you also like things clean and minimal, you can simply hide them away in the large drawer and only display the essentials that are much needed. 

Let them Float

It is a given that floating objects play a great space saver. Perfectly blending the rustic with the industrial, this chic nightstand adds a stylish statement to your bedsides while giving ample room to move around.

Isn’t it fancy how the lighting is well equipped with this nightstand piece? Moreover, you can also store your reading glasses, phones, and other essentials very easily. Also, note that you can’t place large objects here!

Incorporate Wabi-Sabi

It is time you introduce nature indoors by incorporating this natural piece of small nightstand that is highly inspired by the structure of the tree. Quite unique and notable, this tripod stand can be easily stuffed into any corner while offering an unparalleled experience.

Mimicking an actual tree figure, there is a perfect sense of organic yet natural vibes that seamlessly aligns its style with chic Boho, Rustic, and Coastal interior design styles. 

Adore Geometry

Modern and minimal, here is a compact nightstand that is not only aesthetically appealing but also adds very stunning detail to your bedrooms. Apart from that, you can also incorporate them in the living and family rooms – making them extremely versatile!

They are clean and crisp while offering enough room for their surroundings. Moreover, another great element that allows the nightstand to stand out from the rest is the absolute feature of pulling it inwards to be able to keep the book or the coffee mug! Bliss, right?

Modern Traditional

It is time to play smart now! What do you think about creating illusions? Well, especially when it comes to space-saving solutions – one of the best ways to practice that is by simply incorporating a skinny nightstand that is smaller on the ground and larger as it goes up to the top!

This way, you get the best of both worlds – space-saving, storage, as well as aesthetics! However, you can only style a large piece of lamp and a couple of essentials like reading glasses and phones! 

Cute Instagrammable One

Too short on space? Well, have a look at this rattan wall shelf that appears like a wall decor accessory and at the same time, functions like a nightstand. You can place it right over your bed to store some of the essentials like reading glasses, earphones, and a mobile phone.

Truly sticking to the Modern Bohemian style, this cute little nightstand looks equally eye-catchy and pretty on your walls. Remember, you can incorporate it in the kids’ rooms, play areas, and even the nursery.

Transitional Style

Nightstands with metal display legs are quite a trend lately! With the mounted elegant marble countertop, they tend to add depths to your bedrooms while equally letting the aura be light and airy. 

However, since they don’t offer much space for storage – it could be quite an issue! Nevertheless, you can always style a majestic lamp and some of the daily essentials to fulfill your needs and requirements. 

Blend and Mix

Why stick to one style when you have the option to choose multiple? And what if you are a maximalist too? Well, in that case, you can add floating shelves on both sides, and pair them with industrial and rustic style stools to further hold your beloved plants and belongings.

Keep upgrading the appearances of your stool and stick to one style for the floating shelves, for a well-designed overall cohesive look!

Merge Into the Bed

One of the best ways to play functional and aesthetical is by simply merging the floating nightstand with your bed. It will not only exhibit an airy and cool environment but also create a crisp, minimalist and modern look.

With two shelves and ample space below it, you can easily style your table lamps and smaller vases while storing the reading glasses, lens cases, and mobile chargers!

Nesting Tables

What better way to save space, right? These nesting nightstands are beautiful, functional, and extremely space-saving – just like what you want for your bedrooms. Moreover, they offer great versatility and flexibility, especially if you reside in a city apartment. 

Another great advantage is that they hardly take any space! Well, it is like – three-in-one! So, you can easily save space, use them for multiple functions at a time, and offer eye-catchy sleek appearances!

Criss Cross Table

Add dimension and substance to your bedrooms by placing a chic rustic criss-cross tiny nightstand as it requires a very minimal space on the ground while offering ample space on the tabletop.

You can easily place an indoor plant, a tiny table tray, and even a lamp on it to spruce it up! Even though the overall storage may be compromised here, the actual beauty comes from the stunning style it adds to your room. 

Metal Symmetry

Elegant and sophisticated, this sleek small bedroom nightstand is bound to leave a great impact on your spaces. Moreover, the luxe appearance totally adds to its functionality as well as flexibility.

So, in case you are playing with shapes and patterns in your room, it is great to add this nightstand to further refine the overall palette. It can also be used in living rooms and family rooms!

Birdy Nightstand

Quite distinctive and pretty in its own little ways, this birdy small nightstand is what you should be looking forward to when sprucing up your small bedrooms. It takes away little room while offering a very large yet intriguing detail.

Especially for interior design styles associated with Art Deco, Grand Millennial, and Antique, this bedroom nightstand proves to be a must-have!

The Drum 

Undoubtedly, this little nightstand plays multiple roles in your home. So, whether you want to place it by your beds or the living room couches – they will exhibit a flabbergasting appeal!

They are small and extremely tiny – which is why they can be easily placed, replaced, and made to be used as stools and decorative accents in front of a bold and authentic backdrop.

Small and Savvy

Generally, it is ideal to pick small and functional nightstands for your kids’ bedrooms – the reason being the obvious little storage! Hence, this little piece of nightstand plays a major role in serving the purpose while imbibing a joyful and fresh vibe to your kids’ bedrooms.

The three drawers can be used to store everyday essentials and the tabletop for the lamp and some little toys to display.

Utilize the Corner

How often are you confused when decorating the corners of your bedrooms? What if you place a tiny nightstand right there? Well, one of the best ways to create a charming appeal of the corner by your bed is by purchasing a corner nightstand!

It plays a functional role while making the most of that dingy corner! Moreover, you can further spice it up by adding fresh indoor plants and decorative vases for an overall great appearance.

Summing it Up…

Smaller space doesn’t give you a reason to compromise on the nightstands. Now that we have discussed the best 20 small nightstands ideas for your bedroom, are you confident about using any? I would love to know your thoughts on this article, comment below!