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20 Space Saving Bedroom Furniture Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

Making the most out of your bedroom space can be a challenge, especially if you just moved to a small bedroom and aren’t sure what to do. And university students know this struggle the best. So how do people make sure they have everything they need in their bedroom without overcrowding it?

Don’t fret, because we have the answer. These are 20 ideas for space saver furniture that will ease your struggle and help your room look a lot bigger while using your space to its fullest potential.

This Shoe Rack is Ideal for a Dorm Room

This Shoe Rack Is Ideal For A Dorm Room
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If you’re a college student who likes shoes but isn’t sure how to fit your collection in your dorm room, this one’s for you. Shoe racks like this one are an ideal fit for a dorm room since you can also put them in your closet to save some space.

The best part about it is that it isn’t really wide, meaning that it can fit in a lot of small spaces. And it’s also stackable, which allows you to make the rack as tall as you need it to be. Trust us, you don’t need to give up your love of shoes! 

Storage Space Is Always Needed

Storage Space Is Always Needed
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Storage space is something you’ll always need. No matter if you live in a big spacious house or a tiny apartment, you’ll always need to have space to store the stuff you own. And that’s especially the case if the room is tiny.

So when it comes to narrow bedroom furniture, cabinets are an unusual pick, but a great one regardless. They’re narrow but stackable, so you can make sure you’re using every inch of your living space. And because of their elegant simplicity, you’re not just limited to your bedroom. You can put these cabinets wherever, they’re going to look just as good!

Merge Your Desk With a Shelf for Functionality

Merge Your Desk With A Shelf For Functionality
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A desk itself takes a lot of space. So why wouldn’t you make the most out of it? Choosing a desk that also allows for storage space is a great investment for a tiny bedroom.

These types of desks allow you to find a place for most of the things you’re going to use, especially in a dorm room. But they also give you space to store away all of your clutter. They’re extremely useful, and they look pretty cool as well!

A Multi-Use Shoe Rack Is Great for Saving Space

A Multi-Use Shoe Rack Is Great For Saving Space
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Even though their primary use is to hold shoes, shoe racks aren’t only made for that kind of thing. You can use them as an interesting shelving unit, especially if they’re tall. Mixing different decor, books, or clutter, with shoes will make your shoes look like a piece of decor as well.

This shoe rack looks is a great piece of compact bedroom furniture. It’s tall so it won’t take up too much of your space. And you can easily tie it in with the rest of your furniture.

Loft Beds With Built-In Desks Save Lives

Loft Beds With Built-In Desks Save Lives
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If you’re looking for the best furniture for small bedrooms, look no further than loft beds. These beds are an amazing way to make your room spacious, and they also add a fun design element to your room. It’s a win-win situation!

Getting a loft bed that also has a built-in desk is a very smart decision. That way you get to stack two of the biggest pieces of furniture your room has on top of one another. But if you don’t need a desk, loft beds allow for a lot of other options as well.

Save Space With an Extra Storage Bed

Save Space With An Extra Storage Bed
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Beds are the one thing in your bedroom that will take up the most space. And if you’re looking for space saving bedroom furniture, it’s a good idea to look for a bed that has multiple uses.

A bed that offers extra storage is the ideal piece of furniture for a small bedroom. It’s a great way to stay comfortable but also avoids spending money and space on a shelving unit of a sort.

Choose a Nightstand That Offers Storage Space

Choose A Nightstand That Offers Storage Space
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Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you need to give up on a nightstand. When you’re looking for some narrow bedroom furniture, nightstands can be more than useful.

Another great option is to look for a nightstand that has a tiny shelf built-in. Making it double as a little storage unit can help immensely. It’s a perfect choice for people who have a lot of stuff they don’t want to get rid of.

Consider a Daybed

Consider A Daybed
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Daybeds are an unusual choice for sure. Not many people think about this option. But they can be great for small rooms, especially when the bed would work the best in the middle. And there are different kinds of daybeds so you won’t need to compromise your comfort.

Another great addition that these beds have is the shelved bed that you can pull out, so you can have an extra spot for your guests. And you can always use it as your day-to-day sitting option while sleeping there at night. It’s a great multipurpose addition to your room!

Wall Mounted Desks Can Divide Your Space Well

Wall Mounted Desks Can Divide Your Space Well
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A wall-mounted fold-out desk is a great invention. You can easily pull your desk space out whenever you need it, and just simply put it back when you’re done. It will help you save space on one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your room.

It helps avoid cramping up your room, while still looking stylish. They simply blend in well so you don’t need to think if it’s going to look good with the rest of the furniture.

Corner Shelving Units Are Perfect for Small Spaces

Corner Shelving Units Are Perfect For Small Spaces
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Corners are often underused. And they definitely shouldn’t be. Corner shelving units are great small bedroom furniture, as it maximizes the use of space in the room.

These shelves have an elegant and unique feel to them. They allow you to bring some decor into your room. It’s a great way for you to add more storage while adding a dash of elegance inside. Who said that you need to compromise on the aesthetics when your room is small?

Wall Beds With a Desk Will Save You a Lot of Space

Wall Beds With A Desk Will Save You A Lot Of Space
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There are many great innovative ways to combine your bed and desk and save up on space. Getting a wall is in itself a piece of really compact bedroom furniture, but combining the two of them lets your room feel incredibly spacious.

This is the easiest way to switch up the way your room looks in a matter of minutes. If you’re someone who loves change and redecoration, this setup is perfect for you.

Twin Beds Are Great for Saving Space

Twin Beds Are Great For Saving Space
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Not everyone is a fan of a twin bed. After all, being able to sleep in a spacious bed is an amazing feeling. But sometimes there just won’t be enough space for a huge comfortable bed and the rest of your things.

Twin beds aren’t for everyone, but it’s an option that works for many people. And well, getting a smaller bed doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on comfort. You can still find a fitting mattress that will feel just as comfy. 

Tall Dressers Are the Way to Go

Tall Dressers Are The Way To Go
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When it comes to choosing a dresser for your tiny bedroom, the best thing you can do is choose a taller option. Use the height of your room as much as you possibly can, so you save up on floor space

Tall dressers are an elegant option as well. They aren’t just useful, but their height gives them a kind of chic beauty that just makes your room look richer. It’s a great investment for small rooms, that’s for sure.

This Tall Narrow Bookcase Saves Space While Looking Stylish

This Tall Narrow Bookcase Saves Space While Looking Stylish
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If you’re a book lover who doesn’t want to part with your books, it’s not impossible to get a bookshelf in a small room. Tall narrow bookcases are the way to go. They can make a great corner piece, and not take up too much space.

These bookcases bring a very stylish look to a bedroom. And they can function like any other kind of storage space, so you can use them any way you like. 

Think About a Flip-Up Vanity

Think About A Flip-Up Vanity
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Getting a vanity might have seemed like a luxury, especially when your living space is small. But it’s not impossible. Flip-Up vanities are a thing and a great one for sure! It allows for the luxurious comfort of a vanity table, while also fitting well with the room.

When you close it up, you can use it just like a regular table during the night, or when needed. And this vanity set comes paired up with a chair, as well as extra storage that you can use for storing your makeup. It’s a perfect addition to a bedroom!

A Mirror That Doubles as a Jewelry Organizer

A Mirror That Doubles As A Jewelry Organizer
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Mirrors are a great way to make your room feel bigger. The way they reflect parts of the room gives the illusion of more space. So adding a mirror is an ideal way to make your room feel less cramped. 

But when a mirror also works as a storage compartment, it’s one of the best things you can do for your small bedroom. Getting a mirror that works as a jewelry organizer helps you avoid unnecessary jewelry boxes and other clutter,

Tall Drawers Are Always a Good Idea

Tall Drawers Are Always A Good Idea
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This beautiful velvet drawer dresser looks beautiful in any room. It gives a dash of luxury to any room. And it also has a special lingerie chest that can help you compartmentalize your stuff better.

Consider Getting Door Hooks

Consider Getting Door Hooks
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If you’re not sure where to hang your outerwear, and a coathanger just takes up too much space, door hooks are your best friend. It’s a great way to hang whatever you need, be it a towel, a jacket, or a coat.

They’re practically invisible in a room so they won’t affect your decor much. But at the same time, they’re incredibly useful for every type of room. It will help you save floor space which is the most important thing in a tiny room.

Organize Your Closet

Organize Your Closet
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Getting a little storage unit for your closet could be a great investment for your small room. You can put it in a closet to organize it further which can, in turn, help you save a lot of space.

It’s an all-purpose storage unit so it won’t matter what you put inside. And this one provides a lot of visibility so you can find things easier. It’s a great option when you want to avoid getting huge storage units like dressers and bookcases.

Bunk Beds Are a Fun Way to Save Space

Bunk Beds Are A Fun Way To Save Space
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Having a small bedroom is hard, but sharing that small space with someone else can be a very crowded disaster. Luckily there’s a way to change that. Investing in a bunk bed is the best way to save a lot of space in a small bedroom.

It can be a fun thing to share bunk beds, and it’s a classic choice for sure. It’s especially fun for a childrens’ room since kids see bunking as an adventure. And this adventure will help you save a lot of space and let the room breathe.


Having a small room isn’t ideal. But it doesn’t need to be hard. Your room doesn’t need to be crowded. But you also don’t need to compromise on having some of your most important furniture around.

It’s going to take a bit of hunting for the perfect furniture, but with these ideas, and a bit of layout planning, anything is possible. We hope we gave you some ideas on what to do. And now it’s up to you. Happy shopping!