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21 Stylish Rugs That Go With Brown Couches

By: Nishtha Sadana

There could be times that you find that perfect brown couch and wonder what colors to coordinate when decorating. Maybe it’s the pastels, brighter hues, some intriguing patterns, or even textures – well, the rug is a major decor element that binds the whole space together.

It is true that finding that perfect area rug to match your brown couch could be challenging – but nonetheless, it is also quite fascinating and intriguing.

You have the option to create a seamless warmer or cozier appeal, or totally contrasting, pop of hues. So, here is a list of 21 trendy rugs that go with your brown couches!

Starlight Rug

Add some pop of hues to brighten the aura of your room with this funky area rug that compliments your brown couch. Take cues from the little color splashes and drop them on your couch and surroundings in the form of throw pillows and artworks.

Great recommendation for eclectic interior design style, the notable turquoise, yellow, and ivory makes a great backdrop. It will further tend to add character and vibrancy in your space while binding the browns and contrasting blues altogether!

Off-White Jute Braided Rug

There is nothing more timeless than off-white, beige, taupe, and creamy hues when pairing rugs for a brown leather couch. Since these browns fall in the same color category as warm off-whites – it is easier to create an overall cohesive palette!

This 100% eco-friendly, handmade jute rug brings a warm and neutral feel to your space. Integrating sophistication with a boho touch, this stylish area rug will never go out of style. Whether you plan to place a brown couch or any other hue!

Navy Blue Rug

Here is an example of how beautiful brown and blue look together. Also, if you closely observe – you are quite likely to notice tinges of off-white and golden on this rug that totally accessorize your space. Contradicting the warm with cool, this is a great way to add visual interest!

Well, blues have a certain charm! Even with ample flourishing natural light, this rug adds vibrancy and utmost depth to your living room.

Linear Striped Multicolored Rug

Make a funky and eye-catchy statement in your room by placing this washable multi colored striped rug that absolutely blends in with the brown leather couch. Creating a stunning and distinctive design, this creative piece of a rug is a great recommendation for modern and contemporary interior design styles.

With a wide array of hues, this rug adds depth and linear dimension underneath your brown couches! You can also toss a couple of multicolored throw pillows around to create a cohesive appearance.

Shaggy Curves Area Rug

If your brown couch has upholstered tufted details, then you might want to choose a simpler area rug. However, in some cases, to avoid total blandness and simplicity, you might consider intriguing grooves and patterns!

And that is when you should consider this off-white toned shaggy area rug that brings in some variety and patterns without overwhelming the space. This bespoke and elegant rug proves timeless and authentic in every function and interior design style.

Black and White Area Rug

When in doubt – choose black and white! The rug colors here for a brown sofa can either incorporate only white, black, or even white and black. In the picture above, this rug can significantly brighten your room while adding a sense of dynamism and substance.

So, in the case of darker-stained floors and moreover, a brown couch – the best way to add light and spaciousness is through this color rug that goes well with your brown couch. Later, you can add some black and white check-patterned cushions and throws to maintain balance.

Medallion Rug

Well, at first, it can be confusing to pair this medallion rug with your brown couches – however, in the long run, it is definitely a recommendation. And especially if you have tons of wood, vintage antiques, and baskets – this area rug is a plus point to have.

The reason why this area rug proves to be quite a source of perspective and balance in your room is solely the location of the medallion. Providing a seamless background to your brown couches, you must cherish the blues, dusty reds, and off-whites in here!

Magenta Pink Rug

Just the idea of pink and brown together may seem disproportionate. Isn’t it? However, with a perfect tint and shade of hue and patterns, the rug may absolutely look stunning with your brown couch. Not only does it play phenomenal but also adds a focal point in your living room.

Whether or not you have darker-stained floors, this brighter hue area rug is bound to bring charm and passion with a zeal for a motivated and positive space.

Abstract Floral Rug

Do you want a natural, floral vibe in your space? Well, these green imprints are bound to take your space to the next level. Undoubtedly, the tones of green will seamlessly blend in with the brown couch to exhibit a pure, refreshed look.

This area rug will make you feel like you are taking a walk in nature. The subtle beige, sage green, and emerald green add an organic vibe while pulling off the entire look perfectly.

Speckled Dark Gray Rug

Even though both these tones are quite bold and contradictory, however, it may still appear appealing and very ‘industrial’ like! (Just in case if you are looking to achieve that particular interior design style).

And especially this hand-tufted, fluffy gray rug definitely adds a cozy and courteous vibe to the brown leather couch, as shown in the picture above. Trust me, you wouldn’t regret it!

Bohemian Geometric Rug

Amalgamating the bohemian texture with contemporary appearances, this shag rug is the ‘to go’ solution for your brown couch. Focal black geometry and off-white, ivory background ensures a lighter and spacious vibe. This light-headed rug also compliments your darker and walnut-toned brown couch!

Furthermore, you would be glad to know that this rug is absolutely pet-friendly. So, all the dog and cat mums – here is a chance for you to be stress-free!

Multi-Colored Floral Rug

It is time that you introduce a splash of brighter colors and patterns to your living space. With a tinge of blue, burnt oranges, cream, browns, and red on the rug – very organically will your brown couch settle in with the overall aura.

Apart from these beautiful, charming, and refreshing aesthetics of the rug, it is also extremely comfortable and durable – thus, great to walk on. This rug is good to go for your transitional and bohemian style!

Antique Distressed Rug

Offering a Vintage, Eclectic and Bohemian flair, this diamond geometric and oriental style area rug matches your brown couch. The rug style doesn’t contradict realistically but definitely streamlines the hues and patterns to create an overall tranquilizing and soothing vibe.

Symmetrical in design and serving the purpose for high-traffic areas, the rug is all you need in a Bohemian, Shabby Chic, and Vintage style backdrop. Whether you have a plain or a tufted brown sofa, this ornate botanical rug goes with your brown furniture. 

Ocean Blue Rug

Mimicking the calm waters of the ocean in addition to the diamond-and-arrow motif, this ocean blue color rug creates a soothing reaction with your leather brown couch or furniture. With not many busy patterns on the surface, the area rug holds a substantial significance in your room.

Highly recommended for Modern, Bohemian, Contemporary and Eclectic-styles, this Moroccan-style area rug ensures to elevate the decor of your space. Lastly, don’t forget to pair it with a similar-patterned cushion and blanket on that brown couch!

Multi Vibrant Area Rug

Do you want to oppose the concept of banning beige? Well, with neutral-toned walls and a brown couch, just in case if you want to add a splash of color – then, using this vibrant rug is the right way to do it. 

It very well complements your brown couch due to the presence of colorful patterns in blue, red, white, pink, and ivory! A little brown touch can also be seen that would work with your overall palette! 

Cowhide Handmade Rug

Reflecting soft and warmer tones that easily coincide with the ‘browns’ of your couch – this cowhide handmade rug is something to have an eye on. This high-quality product will promise a longer timeline while adding a sense of joy and peace underneath your brown couch.

This rug is quite capable of grabbing the attention of your guests – and meanwhile, offers them a soft and relaxed experience barefoot. It is composed of 100% natural cowhide and requires very minimal maintenance! 

Coastal Starfish Area Rug

Want to incorporate a coastal vibe in your living room? Whether near or far from the sea – this turquoise blue rug will keep reminding you of the summer beauty. It is not necessary for you to purchase that blue or off-white linen-upholstered couch since your brown leather couch will too work with it. 

Vibrancy and charm to the utmost, the cooler tones of this rug go efficiently well with your brown furniture. Try pairing it with some macrame throw pillows, blue cushions, and ample shells and mirrors to create a perfect Floridian vibe! Voila! 

Traditional Blue Rug

A traditional-style blue rug will never disappoint you. It can be warm, inviting, welcoming, and extremely cozy – like a little haven. The intricate embroideries and existence of notable blue, ivory, and oranges have the potential to further work cohesively with your brown couch.

Furthermore, you can always pair this eye-catchy palette with some authentic sheepskin rugs, golden tinted planters, woven baskets, vintage artworks, and ample natural indoor plants!

Moroccan Black Rug

If you are a fan of bold, dark, and daring backdrops (with a style like industrial bachelor pad), you must make use of this Moroccan black tassel rug that goes well with a brown couch. Strong and daring, this authentic tasseled shag rug fosters a warm and welcoming environment.

Apart from this, it is pet-friendly and easy to maintain. Wouldn’t you like to have this majestic and timeless piece of decor in your home?

Beige Florid Rug

If you prefer a modern, monochromatic living room with shades of beiges, off-whites, and browns – then, this is probably one of the best area rugs to pair with. Furthermore, you can pair it with similar-hued paint on the walls, throw cushions, and ample indoor plants and planters.

Wooden floors and exposed wooden rafters and beams are like cherry-on-the-top for this palette. 

The Green Rug

Lastly, it is time to get acquainted with yet another intriguing color that has not been mentioned before – but plays a flawless role. Yes, green it is! Just how doubtful you may think the color would pair with brown is the amount it looks cohesive and beautiful. 

Greens are essentially becoming more and more timeless and trendy! Whether it is the browns, beiges, or off-whites – don’t ever doubt when it comes to the family of greens.

Summing Up

Choosing a perfect area rug for the brown couch is not very challenging! Now that we have discussed these various hues, textures, patterns, and styles – it is definitely a given that brown couches can be paired opposite most of them, but very smartly.

So, are you excited to spruce up your living room with a brand new area rug? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!