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What Color Cabinets Goes Well With Gray Floors?

By: Nishtha Sadana

Now that you have installed the gray floors in your kitchen, it is time to think about the color of your cabinetry systems. Generally, these gray tones exhibit a cool and crisp vibe – and it is best to incorporate likewise tones such as light or darker gray, black, white, and several wooden textures to best complement the overall theme.

However, you must ensure to analyze the vibe you want to create. So, do you want a monochromatic and minimalist backdrop? Or a chic, vibrant, and eclectic touch? Well, regardless of the style, here is a list of the 10 best color cabinets to go with your gray floors.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

It is time to play safe with gray kitchen cabinets – whether light or dark. So, if you specifically have a sleek modern and minimalist appeal, it is best to incorporate this gray to embrace simplicity and sophistication.

You must also keep in mind the size and perspective of your kitchen. In the case of smaller ones, choose lighter grays that can reflect light and make your space feel larger and enhanced. On the other hand, choosing a darker tone of gray is a must in larger kitchens to help make the space appear confined and balanced.

Maple Wood and Blue Cabinetry

Maple Wood And Blue Cabinetry

Especially for rustic and farmhouse-style kitchens, the maple wood cabinetry in amalgamation with a blue kitchen cart makes a flawless option. This quirky and fun-loving color palette is a recommendation for eclectic and coastal-styled kitchens that crave an airier and lively vibe.

With such a combination, you can choose the maple wood on the upper cabinets and teal blue on the lower. This way, you are perfectly creating an eye-catchy contrast!

White and Blue Cabinets

White And Blue Cabinets

With a combination of cool white and navy blue cabinets, the gray floors are bound to look seamless and cohesive. These tones tend to impart a sense of stress-free and relaxed aura – which, therefore, can transform your kitchen into absolute bliss.

Not really overwhelming, but you can consider this soothing combination in medium to larger-sized kitchens. Since it will equally play the role of reflecting and absorbing the incoming natural light.

White Kitchen Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinets

An all-white kitchen is absolutely timeless. With your existing gray floors, these white cabinets would further make your kitchen look light, airy, and spacious. So, when in doubt, choose white kitchen cabinets to compliment your seamless gray floors.

This is also a great hack to make your small kitchen appear larger. Moreover, you always have the opportunity to play with the undertones to create a certain vibe.

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green kitchens are quite a trend. Apart from imparting a sense of tranquility and vibrancy, this green pair perfectly with your gray floors. In such a case, you can either choose to go lighter with sage green pastels or bold and quirky as pewter greens.

And remember that it all boils down to one major concern – the vibe that you are aiming to create. Depending upon the interior design style, pick a green that truly speaks your style and personality!

Black and White Cabinets

Black And White Cabinets

Play a monochromatic theme with your gray floors by adding black and white cabinets to create a modern and minimalist appeal. Regardless of the size and style, this gorgeous combination plays a timeless theme that never goes out of style.

Apart from painting all the cabinets in black or white, choosing a combination of the upper and lower cabinets will imbibe a sense of contrast and visual interest. It is also a great design option for medium to small-sized kitchens.

Dark Brown Cabinets With Gray Floors

Dark Brown Cabinets With Gray Floors

Even though the color families completely contradict here, the results are unexpectedly fabulous. So, you don’t have to be doubtful about the espresso or chocolate-toned cabinets as they perfectly make a match for your mountain cabins and rustic weekend homes.

It also exhibits a purely traditional and transitional look – hence, you must go ahead with it if you’re aiming for a luxe and rich English look. Lastly, you must only use this tone if you have a spacious kitchen as it tends to look quite edgy in certain lighting conditions.

Summing it Up

Choosing a cabinet color becomes much easier if you’re aware of the vibe you want to create. Cool or warm, modern or traditional, subtle or trendy – the choice is yours! So, it’s time to take inspiration from the above-mentioned colors to get your hands on that perfect color cabinet to go with your gray floors!