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18 White and Gold Bedroom Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

When talking about luxury, the first thing that comes to mind is gold. Gold is practically a synonym for all things opulent. And when you want to kick your bedroom up a notch and create a lux resting environment – gold is your color.

Now, when you combine the richness of gold with elegant white, you create this classic regal color combination that simply stuns. So, no matter if you want to embellish your room with a golden detail or redecorate your entire bedroom, we’re here to help! Without further ado, here are 18 white and gold bedroom ideas.

Add a Sensual Touch to Your Room With a Frosted Glass Hurricane

When you want to create a soft sensual atmosphere, the first thing that might come to mind is candles. There’s something inherently romantic about candles, no matter their shape and size. But the way you present them is important as well.

Choosing a frosted glass hurricane will dim the candlelight, creating an even more of a sensual, romantic atmosphere. This one has a modern hexagonal look with a golden outline that’s perfect for a modern-leaning bedroom.

White and Gold Throw Pillows Combine Luxury and Comfort

Throw pillows are an easy way to add some decor to an otherwise plain-looking couch or bed. But they’re not just made for cozy boho spaces. Choosing the right pattern and the perfect color combination can make all the difference.

This white and gold throw pillow is a great example of that. The color combination of this pillow mixed with the herringbone pattern adds to the contemporary look of a room. But it also does a great job of making the couch or bed it decorates look dashing and sophisticated.

An Oversized Golden Clock Is a Practical but Sophisticated Piece of Decor

Clocks have been a part of our lives for quite a while now. There is at least a single clock in almost every household. And that’s because they double as functional while also being a fantastic piece of decor.

An oversized golden clock makes a considerable impact in a room, as it dominates the wall effortlessly. Its golden metal look creates an elegant, luxurious aesthetic. If you want to add a regal touch to your room, this is the way to go.

Honey Gold Bedding Is a Gamechanger

Believe it or not, your bedding influences the way your entire bedroom looks. Since your bed is practically the centerpiece of your bedroom, what goes on it will be super impactful. Choosing the right bedding can tie the entire bedroom together.

This honey gold bedding looks terrific in white and gold bedrooms. Its rich honey color looks opulent and inviting. And since it’s made out of microfiber, its stunning velvet-like texture feels good on the skin, while also looking refined.

Golden Sculptures Make All The Difference

Going for a golden look has never been easier. One of the simplest ways to add a dash of luxury to your bedroom is by adding some decor. And opting in for a sculpture plated with gold can make all the difference.

This abstract table piece takes an organic shape and elevates it to another level. The sculpture in itself looks gorgeous, but the gold plating makes it look stunning. It’s a design that can’t help but make an impression. Therefore it’s a perfect piece of modern gold bedroom decor.

Gold-rimmed Mirrors Are a Staple of Lux Decor

Mirrors are one of the best pieces of decor you can add to a bedroom. They aren’t just practical for taking a quick look at yourself and reassessing your outfit. Mirrors make your space feel bigger and brighter, while also making the entire room feel luxe.

Mirrors feel expensive on their own. But combined with a golden rim, there’s no doubt – they become an opulent piece of decor. And so does your entire room. Choosing a mirror with a golden detail is a subtle way to make your entire bedroom feel like an entirely different, infinitely more sophisticated room.

A Geometric White and Gold Lamp Will Bring a Modern Edge Into Your Bedroom

Making sure your lamps bring something other than light into your room is vital when decorating a bedroom. So if you’re a fan of the white and gold combination, getting a white and gold lamp will work wonders to tie the entire room together.

Now, if your bedroom is more on the contemporary side your lamps should reflect that. And this geometric silhouette will make sure to do so in the best possible way. This lamp has a base that’s reminiscent of a sculpture. It’s a chic way to add dimension to your bedroom, with just a simple piece of furniture.

A Gold Framed Print Will Pop in Your Bedroom

There’s a place for art in any room. And a bedroom is no different. Hanging up art prints on your walls will create an astonishing atmosphere. But you can kick it up a notch in just a simple step – adding a frame.

Picking out the right frame makes all the difference. And of course, in a white and gold room, a golden frame will fit just right. This framed art print shows exactly just how harmonious this combo looks and feels. And it’s a print that’s worth hanging up on your bedroom wall.

These Opulent Gold Vases Will Take Your Breath Away

Vases are another classic piece of decor that can fit any space. They’re a great base that can look remarkable on their own. But they’re something especially captivating when you pair them with a flower bouquet.

So choosing a vase for your decor is a wise choice. But not just any vase. These opulent golden vases will add a lot of texture to your room. And they can be styled both together and separately, allowing for a variety of different looks!

Choose a White and Gold Lamp for a Refined Look

If you’re more on the minimalist side of things, you know that flashy, heavily decorated lamps just won’t do for your living space. Or perhaps you might want a subtle one that won’t overpower your room with its design. 

In any case, we have your winner. This modern white and gold metallic table lamp is subdued, without any dramatic detailing. Its elegant simplicity looks refined in any room, adding to it without overpowering the entire space. This lamp will make sure your room feels exquisite!

A White and Gold Dresser Will Look Super Chic in Your Bedroom

If you were dreaming of a luxury white and gold bedroom, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This color combination is truly a classic, and when you pick the right furniture, it will shine through tremendously, making your room look lavish.

A dresser is a staple piece of a bedroom. And this white and gold four-drawer dresser can be the next step to the bedroom of your dreams. It allows for ample space, and its design is nothing less than sophisticated. An ideal addition to any white and gold room!

Marble and Gold is a Combination Made in Heaven

There’s something so captivating about marble. Throughout history, we’ve seen marble used in art and architecture. It’s a part of all these mesmerizing creations. And because of that, it carries this unique luxurious tone.

Combining marble with gold is powerful. And these candle stands are the proof. They have an unusual round marble base that looks elegant. On the other hand, the candle stand is a brassy gold color that perfectly fits its marble base. It’s a well-thought-out piece of decor, which would be a shame to miss out on.

This White and Gold End Table Adds a Stylish But Minimal Touch to a Home

If you’re someone who wants their bedroom to feel expensive but not overly cluttered, worry not. Exquisite-looking furniture doesn’t need to be overpowering. It can be chic and minimal.

This white and gold end table is as minimal as they get. The tabletop is subdued and the elongated legs add a special touch. Its simplicity offers a lot of versatility so it’s perfect for almost any room. But don’t get us wrong! Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s not super stylish, as well.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Good lighting is essential for every room in a home. And a lot of people only focus on the light source, and if the room is getting enough light. But adding a light fixture that doesn’t just work but looks striking can be an excellent addition to your bedroom.

This three-light vanity fixture has an organic look that can be a great addition to your bedroom. Put it up above your vanity, or anywhere you wish, it will be a great way to tie in your space. And not to mention that the light is dimmable!

This Alluring Desk Will Elevate Your Bedroom in a Matter of Seconds

If you’re someone who works remotely, or if you do any kind of deskwork you know the importance of a great desk. Making sure that your desk both looks and feels great can be a tough choice, but we have just the right desk for you.

This alluring desk has a marvelous contemporary design. The metal base creates a pattern that can’t help but stun anyone who passes by. It also has two desk drawers allowing for extra storage space. So if you want to finish your work in style, this one’s for you!

A White and Gold Vanity Looks and Feels Rich

Vanities on their own feel very expensive. There’s something about using a vanity that just makes you feel like a royal. So why not invest in one?

White and gold is a color combination that feels like it’s made for a vanity piece. This vanity table set shows just that. The color combination shines through, making it look and feel expensive. But it’s also a phenomenal piece of furniture that gives you a lot of storage space with all its drawers and shelves. It’s a piece to remember!

Choose a Golden Bookend for Subtle but Exquisite Decoration

Being an avid reader has many perks. Besides the knowledge, books can make for a great piece of decoration. But there’s a difference between a random pile of books and a planned piece of decor. And a bookend can turn one into the other.

A golden bookend is an obvious choice for a white and gold bedroom. And this hand-shaped bookend looks dazzling in all of its golden glory. If you’ve been looking for a piece of decor that’s subtle but impactful at the same time, look no further!

This Romantic Wallpaper Will Completely Transform Your Bedroom

A color combination such as white and gold can’t help but take your breath away. Combine it with a delicate pattern, and you’ll have a magnificent piece of decor. But it doesn’t need to stop at room decor. This combination looks extraordinary even on the walls.

And not just as a print. This wallpaper has a tender romantic feeling to it, that can capture anyone’s heart. It’s mesmerizing, especially when hit by sunlight, giving it an ethereal glimmery glow. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home, it’s a perfect way to do so.


White and gold are a match made in heaven. If you didn’t believe so until now, these ideas might change your mind. It’s a color combination that works for different kinds of interior design styles, no matter if you’re someone who prefers a more minimal look, or if you’re a decor lover.

It’s a color combination that can kick your bedroom up a notch and create a regal-looking space. Hopefully, these ideas inspired you to redecorate your room into a luxurious white and gold heaven. Or maybe they inspired you to try something of your own. In any case, we wish you the best of luck in your decor journey!