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20 Amazing Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana
4 Double Door Cabinet

Designing a kitchen can be absolutely fun – but at the same time, even challenging at some points.

Whether it is the L-shape or the U-shape kitchen, the corners are always daunting to deal with – isn’t it? Well, unless you opt for a one-walled kitchen, you might have to work with at least one corner, anyhow.

So, if you are stuck and planning to upgrade and remodel, here are 20 kitchen corner cabinet ideas to make use of that wasted corner space.

Corner Splines

Why peek into that corner if you can pull a tray right outside! This organic and spline-shaped corner cabinet organizer is a great way to introduce accessibility and a sense of functionality into the kitchen. Rather, you don’t even have to even bend to pull these shelves – isn’t it simply bliss?

Furthermore, they offer ample clear space in-between so there is enough lighting to help you locate that piece of dish you have been looking for.

Curvy Blind Corners

This curvy blind corner is a smart way to make use of that wasted corner space. And you know the best part? It has a double drawer application to make the base cabinetry system look quite seamless and refined in the big picture.

From functionality to aesthetics, the system is equipped with a unique curve to flaunt off your favorite dishes while offering immense space for storage. And once pulled out, it adds on a perfectly luxurious feel!

Roundabout Corner

Especially for those awkwardly-sized corners, one of the best ways to optimize space is by simply using a rotating shelf that also offers great flexibility and utility space in the kitchen. You can store your sauces, pickles, oil, and other seasoning jars and boxes over!

Furthermore, since it is not a flat plate, it feels quite light and airy – thus, recommended for similar lighter-weighted kitchenware. You can easily turn around but not pull it out.

Double Door Cabinet

To make each inch count, use a double door cabinet in the corner to exhibit a cohesive appearance. You can entirely pull them out and swing back in when you need to! Furthermore, you can always place the bigger pieces here since the clear height space is good enough to accommodate jars and urns of larger size.

Don’t forget, this is quite an accessible and flexible way to design corner base cabinet options!

Pull-Out Pantry

How convenient would it be if the drawers and shelves are able to be pulled out completely? Well, with this particular specification, you have the opportunity to store quite as much as possible while being easily able to move it around.

Whether it is the corner cabinet in the kitchen, a partition like in the image, or even your dressers and walk-in closets – it is a great way to style your corners and spruce them with some intriguing design samples.

Fully Accessible Blind Corner

Functionality and accessibility to the utmost, this corner cabinet storage solution maximizes the storage space while offering a stylish backdrop. You can place your large utensils and have them completely pulled out, giving easier access to hard-to-reach items at the back.

Another great aspect here is that you don’t have to bend – thus, a great recommendation for accessible apartments and homes that preach universal design. 

Incorporate a Sink

Why not think outside the box and rather place a sink in the corner? You can use a double door to hide all the utilities underneath and yet make the space functionally usable and quite attractive.

Now this is a space you can even store boxes of ammonia and other cleaning equipment in. After all, you need some space for the storage of these chemicals as well, right?

Leave It Blank

Even though creativity has no limits – there could be some spaces in your kitchen that you might have to compromise with. And especially in the older apartments and condominiums where remodeling can be quite a hassle – it is better to let the corners be in their original shape.

Sometimes, rather than adding those details to the corners – it is better to leave the corner blank!

Floating Shelves

One of the best ways to utilize the upper corner cabinet is by simply using these industrial or farmhouse-style floating shelves. They definitely add that much-needed chic look with a major focus on functionality and aesthetics.

Furthermore, it is not necessary that you always have to show off those cute little jars with pickles and savory – rather, a little touch of antique and ornamental decor would equally do no harm.

Corner Pantry

Ideal only in certain cases, having a corner pantry is absolute bliss. Just in case that corner is awkwardly sized and is large with perspective going haywire, you can absolutely convert it into a functional pantry room. 

Try storing those large utensils, extra pairs of storage boxes, and other utility items in those pantry rooms. Well, isn’t it better to have this functional space than a weirdly-sized cabinetry system, instead?

Exposed Glam Corner 

You can always play a contrast in the kitchen corners by placing a golden metallic exposed shelf to create an eye-catchy yet a dashing backdrop. Since this is a great small kitchen solution, it tends to add an airy yet spacious overall appearance.

Especially for the glam, modern, and contemporary-styled kitchens, these tinted corner upper cabinets are great to do! 

Solid Roundabout

A perfect lazy susan alternative, this solid base features kidney-shaped shelves to display medium-weighted storage. It has a double door that makes your corner cabinetry system look quite cohesive and well connected to space.

It can’t be pulled out and that is why you might have to bend to pick out your utility belongings. However, note that this is also quite functional and easy to use. 

Place Equipment

One of the best corner cabinet ideas includes the placement of a refrigerator, oven, or microwave. This way, you are free of all the hassles involved when it comes to designing those cabinetry systems for the corners. Isn’t it efficient, after all?

Lastly, you don’t have any cut-outs or breaks in the countertop and it looks like one seamless kitchen.

Flaunt Off Crockery

The most intriguing way to spruce up that corner is by placing an upper glass cabinet that flaunts off your favorite dishes and crockery. Whether you have a boring, old-school cabinet or a plain element, the best way to throw some light and spark is through these colored cabinets.

This is also a great solution for small kitchens – hence, making them look much airier and spacious! So, don’t forget to add these to make your kitchens look refined and more open!

Corner Window

Whether you have a small or dull and dingy kitchen, one of the best ways to throw some charm is by simply placing windows. And why not place them in the corners to get rid of hassle while touching upon absolutely unique aesthetic properties.

You can even place a corner bay window or full-length glazing to let in ample natural light in the kitchen. Trust me, you would definitely love to cook in that pretty, airy space.

Get Baskets to Work

Remember how challenging it is to design the corners – but, at the same time can also be quite functional and creative. So, a natural rattan or wicker basket has a lot to do here – or should I say, you can absolutely style your kitchen corners with these textural baskets.

Talking about functionality, you can always store your kitchen necessities in it while giving that corner a perfect appeal!

Blind Corner Organizer

It is quite likely for your kitchen to have a blind corner cabinet – either one, two, or even three in some cases. Hence, in these cases, reaching out to the back of the cabinet could be quite a challenge (and especially if you are building an accessible home). So, one of the most fantastic ways is to work out that corner cabinet through this pull-out organizer.

It comes with four adjustable baskets on either side and a soft-close slide system that makes it easy to access your kitchen essentials. Furthermore, you can even store a number of your items here!

Full Corner Cabinet

What could be more efficient than a full corner cabinet itself, right? With subsequent three or four drawers of various heights, you have a wide array of options to store those fancy cookie jars, urns, spice holders, and even your fancy China.

On the other hand, these units are quite functional as well – while providing a vertical sense of perspective. So, to give your kitchen ceiling a taller appearance, these cabinets play a great role.

Towering Corner

You can play absolutely creative in the corners by incorporating a towering cabinet that holds your sauce and spice bottles. With a great height clearance, you can even place taller items here – thus, offering utmost necessity in every kitchen.

This 6-inch wide design is bound to fill the little empty corners that you would otherwise not use. So, don’t hold back from adding one or two!

Add a Dead Space

If you are too confused about that corner – it is time that you simply let it be! But remember, that your dead space doesn’t have to be old and boring – you could also have some fancy indoor plants and a large piece of mirror or artwork to spruce up that corner!

This way, you can also play with one walled kitchen typology in the most mesmerizing way!

Summing it Up

Now that we have discussed the 20 corner cabinet ideas, are you excited about incorporating any? Remember, small cabinet corners can be equally eye-catchy and intriguing! Well, do let me know your thoughts in the comments below!