Floor to Ceiling Windows

A floor to ceiling window is popular for the effect it’ll expose you to. A regular window acts as a border that prevents you from the outside world.

This model, however, fuses you with nature existed outside of your house.

Moreover, this model is increasingly used in modern day houses. If you don’t believe that, we’ve provided you with the reasons why people choose to believe us.

The reasons will start with these 3 floor-to-ceiling windows styles.

Floor to Ceiling Window as A Wall

floor to ceiling windows apartments

Let’s say your house is located by the lake, as seen in picture, or the beach and the ocean. It’ll be foolish if you border the house from the view. Utilize the floor to ceiling windows as wall to obtain a stunning view.

Preferably, the windows are installed in the room where kitchen, eating table and relaxing couch located.

The glass provides an infinity effect. In addition, it’s easier for natural light to come in and shines the entire room.

Remember, this model is suitable for houses with a beautiful garden, an inviting swimming pool or other serene scenery that offers relaxation.

However, one of the challenges of installing floor to ceiling window is the measurement is a bit tricky. It’s challenging to acquire the precise measurement, so the window will fit perfectly.

Moreover, the price per foot is between $700 and $1,600.

floor to ceiling windows cost

Some factors that are included in the price are the frame and glazing. One of the things that increase the fee is the energy-effective system that comes with the product. This system can be seen through the frames which are insulated and the low-e finishes.

Remember, altering the look of your house isn’t just a matter of updating furniture, it’s also about effectiveness.

As an adult, you have to make a financial plan, right?

Therefore, you need to make a reasonable expense. Since the floor to ceiling window is the most preferred model these days, the cost must be high. Another alternative is the moving glass door.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows with Half Circle Frame

what are floor to ceiling windows called

Transforming an entire wall into a floor to ceiling window-wall is quite an obstacle, but the result is impeccable. Look at this stunning view, enjoying the city life while eating dinner is something else.

Moreover, the floor to ceiling window model for this style has a geometric frame, which adds to its uniqueness.

If your space is small and you’re eager to have a bigger-room, this floor to ceiling window with a geometric frame is a great alternative. The cost of this type of window is more affordable when buying it form a factory.

floor to ceiling windows apartments

However, when it comes to the price, you can actually plan the budget first. The cost will depend on the model that you choose.

It can either cost you over $450 for a mid-grade image window or lower. The expense needed to pay the installer is excluded.

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Floor-to-Ceiling Window with Cathedral Style

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Not a fan of the geometric frame windows? Hate to see a large square window too?

Well, have no fear, my friends. We have you these unique, beautiful cathedral style floor-to-ceiling windows.

Actually, this method is more gothic than just beautiful. Especially, if your house has a high ceiling, such as the example, this model will be appropriate.

A lot of people utilize this model are scared that the model’s style will alter the look and the atmosphere of the room, however; such problem can be solved by using less decoration which has angular lines and more glass pieces. As the result, the area will look fantastic.

Actually, you can come up with your own design. Doing so, the price may be higher or lower depends on the design you want to realize.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

If you’re eager to own a vintage mansion-like room such as this one, you’re highly suggested to consult a professional or a high-end interior designer, so you can also make a budget plan.

Remember, consulting requires more expense, even when you’re told to choose pieces with at thigh quality or limited uniqueness, the expense will increase.

For a more affordable price, go with a pre-made panel, because a customized craftsmen piece requires more expense.

If you’re willing to walk around a little bit, you can find pieces below $5,000. Moreover, you’ll find pieces that look incredible and appropriate to your taste.

The Cost of Floor to Ceiling Windows

what are floor to ceiling windows called

At the end of the day, it all comes to the cost. The cost of floor to ceiling window is various. You can either purchase a stunning high-end looking model with a reasonable price or an ordinary model with a high price.

Talking about price, we know that it’s always been various. The cost of floor to ceiling windows really depend on what material is used, how tall is your house, what quality of the glass will be, additional options, or simply what brand you go with.

According to the material cost calculator, you can purchase a 8 ft. window for less than $1500, with a 7 out of 10 quality.

The cost of floor to ceiling windows can be expensive and they can be cheap too.

It’s understandable if glass is too expensive. If that’s the case, vinyl and fiberglass can be great alternatives because they’re cheaper. Even though they’re the cheapest, they have the lowest quality compared to wood.

But, if you prefer quality and do not care about the price, then a full customized wood type of floor to ceiling windows is your perfect match. The choice is all yours.

Wood material has the best quality, therefore; when price isn’t the primary obstacle, customized wood floor to ceiling window should be the choice.

Moreover, you can ask for additional features, such as double pane, glazing options, slider, custom shape, etc. will cost you more than the standard price.

Floor to Ceiling Window: Pros vs Cons

floor to ceiling windows apartments

Floor to Ceiling Window: PROS

Since floor to ceiling window is basically merging the function of wall and window together, the natural light that comes through it becomes the most important aspect.

Installing this model can help you relax, because of the enjoyable view.

We all agree that the outside view becomes more enjoyable when viewed from the floor to ceiling window, but there is one more aspect that becomes essential, that is the spaciousness of the inside room.

As you see, the floor to ceiling window provides an infinity view, eliminating the border between the living space and the nature outside. As the result, the living area becomes more spacious.


Floor to Ceiling Window: CONS

Despite how great the floor to ceiling window is, there are—still—some disadvantages or cons. One of the concerns of having a floor to ceiling window is the loss of privacy.

Yet, such issue can actually be tackled down by simply using drapes or solar tones.

If you prefer losing privacy, then it will become a major security issue, even more when it comes to the room’s temperature. The floor to ceiling window is an open medium between you and the outside world.

Without proper tempering, the heat will come inside, elevating the temperature. Especially, if you have children, pet or both, a glass window might become a huge problem.

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