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25 Ideas For Wall Decor Above the Couch

By: Don Pedro

So you’ve been staring at that blank wall behind your couch for hours, huh? And it finally dawned on you that it’s too white, too plain and too boring. Painting a wall or hanging wallpaper is great but it may not always be the best option for those who are renting. Sticking a couch in there, no matter how expensive and decorative that couch is, won’t always do the trick either. 

Fortunately, there’s several ways to get creative. These wall decor ideas behind the couch are great even for those renting houses rather than just letting your walls collect dust and cobwebs.

Get Out Those Plates 

Don’t put those decorative plates in your cabinet never to see the light again, proudly display it on your walls! It doesn’t have to be your expensive China plates, maybe select a few that aren’t too pricey. Mixing a colorful display of brightly colored plates in different shapes and sizes will make for an interesting wall art. You can also get creative with the layout, there’s no hard and fast rule here.

Get Creative With a Gallery Wall

Putting up a gallery wall above your couch is always a welcome option. It’s quick, simple and works all the time. Get those artworks by your kids and proudly display their work or the works you did when you were feeling a little Picasso-ish. Pictures over the couch are great too but you can also frame some travel memorabilia.

Tell a Story With a Tapestry 

If you have prized tapestries as part of your family heirlooms, it’s time to take it out and put it up on your wall. If that tapestry has an interesting backstory of how your great grandfather’s grandfather or how he once met the love of his life when he bought that tapestry, well that could make for a great conversational piece.

It doesn’t always have to be an antique tapestry, rugs and other patterned textiles are great for displaying over the couch as decor too, as well as family keepsakes like your baby’s baptismal gown or first shoes.

Mirror on The Wall

Or mirrors to tell you several times you’re the fairest of all. Mirrors above the couch or any other part of the room is a great way to add depth to a small room. A full-length mirror is time-tested trick to open and enlarge small spaces. Get mirrors in different shapes, sizes and frame styles to add interest to your wall.

Be Fun and Functional With Floating Shelves

Putting floating shelves above the couch aren’t just for wall decoration purposes, it functions as added storage too especially for tight spaces. Whether you want to display your books, collections or other knick knacks, floating shelves are a functional way to add decor to your walls. 

A good tip when adding decor to your shelves is to choose accessories that complement your current color scheme. 

Be Whimsical With Wall Decals

Wall decals aren’t just for kids rooms, it’s a fun and impermanent way to liven up any room. If you want something simple, choose black or gray decals or maybe a decal in the form of your favorite quote.

Get Knotted With Macramé

Macramé, which became a popular trend in the 70s is making a comeback these days. It definitely adds funk to your walls. It’s definitely a change-up from the usual framed artwork wherein the macrame, a series of knots, is already art itself.

Take Yourself Back to Your Travels 

It’s tempting to just dump your souvenirs in a cabinet or a drawer right after your trip but souvenirs exist to remind you of your memories when you roamed different places. If you have a blank wall, maybe now’s the time to get out those souvenirs and give them their rightful place above that couch. Frame those postcards, get hooks for mugs or hats, make a collage or put those tickets and other paper memories into shadow boxes and create a travel gallery that will remind you of the good times you had during those travels.

Have Fun with Cubbies 

Most people think that cubbies are just for shoes or for children’s toys but cubbies can also be used as a functional wall decor meant to house heavier objects like books or vases.

Take Your Tiles to the Wall

Another great way to add texture to walls is by using tiles. Now don’t go tiling the whole wall and get yourself in trouble with your landlords. A more practical and fun way to do this is by choosing a few pieces of tiles in different textures and colors that go well with each other or maybe have a tile company do a mosaic of your favorite picture or art for you.

Amp Up Visual Interest With Proportions

Mix and match large and small frames when creating gallery wall arrangements over the couch.  You can also choose frames in different shapes to create more visual interest.

Add a Touch of Green

Who doesn’t love plants? They add color, brings freshness to a room and livens up blank walls. You can either put this on shelves or hang using a decorative rope or go back to using macramé to make it more decorative. 

Take it Large-Scale With a Cabinet

If storage is a priority in your home, a large bookcase or hanging cabinet is more of a functional piece but can still be decorative especially when it has open shelves.

Highlight Artwork With Sconces

Whether it’s a real and rare artwork or something you did in the spur of your Pablo Picasso-ish moment, be proud and draw attention to it by adding lights on either side to highlight it. Not only does it serve to add a bit of light to your walls but a decorative sconce will add visual interest to your walls.

Embrace Mother Nature 

Sometimes, it’s nice to refer to Mother Nature’s own works of art to display in your own home. Maybe hang a huge branch or a group of twigs, some dried flowers or pressed flowers in a frame. 

Create a Backdrop With a Curtain

If you find a wall too dull, try adding a curtain to create a cozy looking space which can easily be taken off if you get tired of the look.

Light It Up With Neon Lights

If you want to keep it simple but still add a touch of fun and color, add a custom neon light signage above the couch. This would really pop out of a dark accent wall but still look great even in white or light-colored walls. 

Show Off Your Hobbies

Love biking? Hang your bike on that wall. Got a prized electric guitar, put that on the wall. Lvoe kayaking on the weekends? Get those oars on the wall. Get people to see what your interests are by sprucing up a blank wall with your favorite hobbies. Other ideas to try are framing old vinyls or cassette tapes or pages from an old torn favorite book. 

Display Printed Landscape Photos

If you have a favorite photo of a landscape, have it enlarged and cut to split it into separate frames to make one huge wall photo. Have it printed in black and white if you want to keep it simple and minimalist.

Create a Little Bar

Who says you can’t have a little fun with some liquor in your home? Using floating shelves, create a mini bar to hang over your couch. Similarly, you can display your collections of liquor bottles on these shelves. 

Style With Antiques

The beauty of antiques is the story it tells so hang a few pieces up on your wall even if some of it don’t match. These antiques will give your wall an eclectic feel.

Prop Up Some Wood

If you want to add a rustic touch to your walls, prop up planks of r wood against the wall. It would be really great if you can screw the planks onto the wall but for a more impermanent decor, propping it up or hanging it behind the couch works well too.

Know the Time and Date 

Wall calendars and clocks are very functional wall decorations that you can add to your blank walls especially if you have a small office or study nook in your living room. Try adding bright and bold calendars and clocks to make it pop out of the wall.

Put a Chalkboard or a Whiteboard

Similar to the calendar and the clock, another functional decor would be adding a chalkboard or a whiteboard. Go for the whiteboard if you’re worried about your sofa getting chalk dust. A cork board works well too and a wire mesh photo grid.

Try Removable Wallpaper

If you really want to try wallpaper, go for removable nonpermanent wallpaper. Unlike the traditional wallpapers, these are wallpapers that does not require chemicals or heat to be removed. 

To Summarize

In some instances, blank walls do work if you’re going for a minimalist look but if you want to add a bit of color, depth, texture or play it up, these ideas will help brighten your walls or add more functionality to your room.

Rather than just being the “blank wall that is so boring and dull,” it’s now a wall that you enjoy looking at everyday!