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What Color Hardware for Gray Cabinets?

By: Sara Čurić

It’s all about the details! Especially when it comes to interior design, you have to know that details can make or break the room. The best example of that is cabinets whose aesthetic can change completely just based on the hardware used.

And since gray cabinets offer a lot of versatility style-wise, it’s only natural you’d have a hard time picking the right hardware for your gray cabinets. But don’t fret, here we come with some of our faves picks that will transform your cabinets in no time.

Pick Simple Golden Pulls for Your Dark Gray Cabinets

Gray and gold look so good together. And we have proof! Gray can be a dull color since it’s a neutral after all, so it might need something to help liven it up. And that’s where the gold comes in.

Simple golden pulls are a game changer. These ones are modern and pretty straightforward, with a design that fits well with practically any cabinet style. They make a statement, and add a lot more character to your dark gray cabinets, as they manage to pop against the dark surface.

Ornate Silver Knobs Look Fabulous on Light Gray Cabinets

Deciding if you should go with knobs or pulls can be a hard one. But no matter what you choose, both of these have their charm. When it comes to knobs, they can come in wildly different options, which is awesome for people who want to truly personalize their home.

These ornate silver knobs are a great knob choice. Their intricate, organic design showcases vine leaves and grapes, which instantly reminds you of Napa Valley. The design adds a romantic touch to your kitchen making your light gray cabinets shine.

Dark Hardware Fits Like a Glove on Light Gray Cabinets

For those of you who aren’t so much into monochrome looks, and prefer a bit of contrast, choosing dark hardware for your light gray cabinets is the way to go. Creating a contrasting look can be very visually pleasing.

Going for black hardware when you have cloudy gray cabinets such as these add drama to your kitchen. But it certainly doesn’t feel overwhelming, especially when you go for a simpler pull style. And if you want to add a touch of farmhouse to your kitchen design, these black will certainly help!

Stainless Steel Looks Awesome on Gray Cabinets

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Stainless steel is a very neutral choice since the base color of this metal is also gray. And well, gray on gray creates that interesting monochrome look that you can mix and match. 

No matter if you have dark gray cabinets or some lighter ones, these pulls will always look good. They look sturdy, smart, and very modern as they add a refined note to your cabinets. And not to mention how easily these pulls make your gray cabinets look fantastically put together.

Traditional Iron Pulls Are a Stunning Choice for Dark Gray Cabinets

When you’re thinking of the traditional design style, gray might not be the first color that comes to mind. We often associate gray with modern looks. But that doesn’t need to be the case. 

You can create a gorgeous traditional aesthetic in your kitchen simply by choosing the right pulls. These bronze ones instantly add that traditional charm to your kitchen, all while enhancing your cabinets.

Brassy Hardware Goes Well With Bluish Gray Cabinets

Some shades of gray are harder to style than others. Although gray is a neutral color, when it leans into bluish tones it can be a hassle to style it with the rest of the furniture. That’s also what happens with choosing the right hardware.

But brassy hardware is often the right choice. Brass has range, it can look expensive but it can feel rustic as well, fitting in almost any kitchen. Especially with your blue-gray cabinets. Choosing brass hardware here makes all the difference, making your kitchen look lux and very put together.

Diamond Shaped Nickel Knobs Look Super Chic

One of the best things about knobs is that they can come in many different looks. If you don’t want a regular knob and crave something a bit more unique for your kitchen that’s still stylish, we got you!

These gorgeous diamond-shaped knobs might be just the thing for your taste. The satin nickel pops lightly, especially against dark gray cabinets. They have an interesting shape, with a geometric contemporary touch that will make your kitchen look super chic!

Crystal Knobs Are Perfect for Gray Cabinets in Glam Homes

Gray is a fantastic color if you want to go all-in for that glam look. But it might seem hard to find the right knobs to fully go with the style. That’s where these crystal knobs come in handy.

These crystal-style knobs have a diamond cut that hints at luxury and works beautifully in glam homes. They have a dramatic note to them that adds greatly to the look of your kitchen. Made out of high-quality durable glass, they’re affordable and sturdy, making these knobs the fantastic glam option for your home!

Pick Terrazzo Knobs for an Organic Twist

Perhaps you’re a fan of that warm earthy Mediterranean look? But aren’t sure how to incorporate that into your kitchen, especially when dealing with gray cabinets? That’s where terrazzo comes in to save the day.

Terrazzo knobs are unusual. It’s a material often chosen for bigger surfaces. But that’s exactly the fun here, as they manage to look artisanal and organic, pairing beautifully with the sturdy gray of your cabinets. Terrazzo adds a gorgeous Mediterranean twist to your kitchen, creating a fantastic organic look.

A Sophisticated Nickel Pull Adds a Dash of Luxury to Your Light Gray Cabinets

Just like with knobs, you don’t need to settle for a standard, basic pull. We often think we’re bound to use the simpler ones but that’s not true. Just look at this gorgeous, unique nickel arch pull.

This arch pull is very sophisticated, but not too ornate. Its twist in the middle might seem simple, but it does so much for the arch, and the entire cabinet, adding a certain elegance that’s hard to ignore. It’s a stunning option that will make your gray cabinets look regal. And we can’t recommend it enough!

A Copper Pull Looks Great On All Types of Gray Cabinets

These copper pulls are fairly simple, but their modern cut makes them perfect even for modern gray kitchens. If you truly want them to pop, pair them against a darker-toned gray cabinet, such as iron or lead-gray.

These Golden Floral Knobs Feel Incredibly Opulent

If you’re looking to make your kitchen feel luxurious, we’ve got just the thing for you. Pairing gorgeously with dark gray cabinets, gold knobs are the way to go, as they create that daring luxurious feel in your kitchen.

But we’re taking it a step further. These golden floral knobs feel like a royal masterpiece. Their floral shape is unusual for cabinet knobs, yet they fit perfectly in the kitchen, ensuring that your home looks and feels regal and put together. A fantastic choice!

Antique Brass Pulls Will Give Your Kitchen Cabinets That Vintage Look

If you’re a fan of farmhouse looks, and those evergrowing cottagecore internet designs, you might want to go for antique brass hardware for your kitchen cabinets. Antique brass is glorious, it’s just simple brass with distressed paint that looks rusted and very vintage.

It’s a glorious option for homes that want to create that soft vintage, lived-in look. Pairing well with light gray cabinets, antique brass will make them feel soft and homey, which is a gorgeous look for a kitchen!


Gray cabinets aren’t the most colorful, out there cabinet option there is. But they’re very versatile. And with the right hardware, these cabinets can be enhanced to their full aesthetic potential.

Here we showed you some of our favorite hardware looks for different gray cabinets, some universal, while others lean more to the light or dark shade of gray. In any case, we hope you found our recommendations useful, and we wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect cabinet hardware!