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Industrial Style Bathroom

By: Jennifer Bailey
Industrial Bathroom With Vanity Mirror 14

Having an industrial concept for your home decoration can be something great. Once you finish your decorating process, everything will turn out stunning.

However, sometimes, it takes a long time for us to choose what kind of industrial things to put on each room to make it stunning. So, we need to search for inspiration for it.

Many things can inspire you about how your bathroom will be with the industrial concept. You can put some accessories or stuff to support the chosen idea.

For example, if you want to apply the industrial style for your bathroom decoration, the following pictures can inspire you much!

Modern Industrial Bathroom

Industrial Bathroom Style

One of the examples for the bathroom with an industrial concept is applying the contemporary look for it.

In this case, you need to put some things which will bring out the modern vibe yet still having an industrial look.

For example, you can use a walk-in closet with a glasses wall to represent the contemporary vibe that you want.

Besides, you can also put the modern model of the bathtub to bring more modern sense into your bathroom.

Something like the style of basin, lamps, and many other accessories will also be helpful to bring out the industrial concepts with a modern look that you want.

Concrete Wall

Industrial Bathroom Design

The next example of an industrial bathroom is the one with a concrete wall. A concrete wall with a specific color or pattern will be very suitable for the industrial bathroom concept.

For example, you can choose to have a concrete wall with a grayish color to build more atmosphere that suits your concept very well.

DIY Industrial Bathroom Shelves

Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Another great way to bring out the industrial concept into your bathroom is by putting or creating accessories that suitable for the atmosphere.

In this case, you could think about any possibility of putting additional accessories that will help the decoration. You can even go DIY.

For example, you can create your DIY for shelves in your bathroom. Use the materials that represent the industrial style.

Then, it will be easier for you to build up the atmosphere of your bathroom. It will also be easier for you to fulfill your needs of accessories or tools that usually exist in the bathroom.

Copper Pipes

Industrial Themed Bathroom

The next way to apply your industrial concept for your bathroom is by using copper pipes. This kind of material can be helpful for you to add more Industrial accents to your bathroom.

Copper pipes can be applied for some parts in your bathroom. In the picture, you can see that copper pipes applied for the basin and shower. It also brings more Industrial looks when you try to use it for the shelves.

Exposed Brick Wall

Industrial Themed Bathroom

One of the most familiar things that represent the industrial concept for decoration is exposed brick.

Commonly, exposed bricks have neutral colors in which suit well with the idea. Of course, it also gives the aesthetic vibe into your bathroom once you decide to choose exposed bricks for your wall.

It will be something supportive for your bathroom designs if you want to apply the industrial concept. Many kinds of exposed bricks are also available.

If you think you need to consider more about its pattern, you can decide which type of exposed bricks that you will choose. You also can consider knowing more things related to the characteristics of exposed bricks to get a better understanding of it.

Honeycomb Tiles

Industrial Bathroom Style

Once you consider a specific style for your interior design, it means that you have to be ready for its details.

From the basics of the wall and floor, you should think about the best combination that will make it perfect.

It does happen when you want to apply an industrial style. You have to consider what kind of tiles you are going to use.

One of the tiles that could be matched with your concept is honeycomb tiles. It will be perfect if you could choose the right color as well.

As you are going to build the image of industrial interior design, choose the neutral color that represents and matches well with the concept.

For example, you can choose honeycomb tiles with a black color.

Industrial Bathroom with Subway Tiles

Industrial Bathroom Style

Another way to help you build your industrial bathroom is by choosing the subway tiles. With a simple model of tiles that you choose, the arrangement will turn out very classy and cool.

Besides that, using a subway tile wall will also give you other easiness option for decoration.

As the white color belongs to the neutral color, it is easier to choose any color for your accessories, like the closet, shelves, walk-in frame, and many more.

You can choose brown or gray color as a combination. Then, your bathroom will entirely turn out to be a very chic and cool bathroom with this concept.

Wooden Shelves and Wire Drawer

Industrial Bathroom Ideas

If you think that you are done with most of your bathroom decoration, choosing tools or accessories becomes the next important thing to do.

To build up the industrial vibe, of course, you have to choose the right things to be used there. Something like shelves and drawers is an example.

If you are considering to put shelves in your bathroom, you could choose the one with wood as its material.

Not entirely wood shelves, it would be better if you have wooden shelves but with iron as the materials of its legs. You also can utilize the wire drawers to put some towels and common things that you need in the bathroom.

Neutral Color Combinations

Industrial Themed Bathroom

One of the simplest ways to support the industrial atmosphere in your bathroom is by choosing the color carefully.

Of course, choosing colors is something that cannot be forgotten when we are talking about interior design.

It does happen when you are going to apply the industrial concept as your bathroom interior design.

In this case, considering to use the combination of neutral colors is the best choice. You can use a combination of black and white.

However, to differentiate it with the monochrome concept, you can add other colors to the combination.

For example, you can use gray, wooden things from wooden color and many other neutral colors.

Dark Orange Brick Wall and Floor

Industrial Bathroom

This is another option that you can choose for your bathroom. If you want to create something different than choosing and black, white, or gray things, choosing dark orange tiles is another option for your industrial bathroom.

If you have a different space for your bathtub or you have a walk-in shower, you can use it as an option.

You can choose to use the dark orange bricks for both the wall and the floor.

Don’t think that it would be monotonous since you still can put some other colors of the bathtub or the shower. As you can figure out from the picture, it turns out to be very cool.

Wooden Drawer for basin and Red Bricks

Industrial Bathroom Design

Putting a drawer with a wood accent for the basin can be a solution, as well. It will be something helpful once you need more neutral things for accessories like that mentioned drawer.

Besides that, you also can put more natural things inside your bathroom for a more aesthetic aspect.

Of course, the wooden drawer itself is the example of natural things that you can put, but putting choosing plants can also be your plan.

Besides that, using red bricks for the wall will add more natural accents in your bathroom.

Gray Porcelain Vanity and basin

Industrial Bathroom Ideas

For a better approach to the industrial concept, applying grayish porcelain for the basin can be a great one.

Not only supporting the vibe based on its color, but it is also the right choice of material. The luxury looks of porcelain will make your bathroom becomes very chic and cool.

So, choosing it as one of your supportive materials will be the right decision.

Simple Round Mirror

Industrial Bathroom Style

Putting a mirror in your bathroom is something necessary since you will need it. For your industrial bathroom, a round mirror will be lovely.

You can put it above the vanity or perhaps basin. It will also be better once you choose the round mirror with a goldy frame.

Even though it is just a simple and everyday accessory, it will be helpful to build up your bathroom decoration.

Elegant Cinderblock Shelves Combined with Exposed Brick Wall

Industrial Themed Bathroom

The shelf is such a valuable tool to be in your bathroom. So, having one in your bathroom will make you more comfortable to put any towels or other things there.

Cinderblock shelves for an industrial style are such a right choice. As shown in the picture, it matches well with the whole idea that you try to build.

Besides, it seems like it suits well with the exposed red brick wall in the back. Those components build up one of the best for the industrial concept.

So, do you want to try those combinations?

Exposed Gray Bricks Wall for Walk-in Shower

Industrial Bathroom

If you want to create more variation on your interior design, choosing a different pattern of a different side of the wall could be a solution.

On the other hand, you can choose any simple plain wall; meanwhile, for the other one, you can use a different pattern.

For example, you can have a grayish plan wall for one of your bathroom walls, but apply the exposed gray bricks wall for one of the sides from your walk-in shower space.

Classic Wooden Vanity and Mirror Frame

Industrial Bathroom Design

This is another simple way to help you in building up the image of an industrial bathroom. You can use any wooden vanity to store your toiletries.

The wood is one of the best things that can represent the industrial concept. It is even better if you put a mirror with a wooden frame near it.

More Copper Pipes for More Tools

Industrial Bathroom Design

As we know, the copper pipe is very identical to this concept, and it could be a useful material for this decoration.

You can utilize copper pipes for more things in your bathroom. It can be for the faucet, shower, lamps, and many more.

You can look up the material by yourself and shape the pipe as you need, or you can buy the available one in the shop.

Wooden Wall with Dark Brown Color

Industrial Themed Bathroom

You can have many choices for walls when you want to decorate your industrial bathroom.

It could be a porcelain wall, exposed brick wall, and many more. The other example is by using wood for the wall. It will also build up the image that suits your concept.

Choosing wood as the material for your bathroom wall should be done with high consideration. You should select the type of wood, and it should be a strong one.

You also have to choose the color to paint the wall. As shown in the picture, you can see how the wall looks so stunning with the wooden wall painted in dark brown color.

Bright Simple Wooden Wall

Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Another option if you want to apply any wooden wall in your bathroom, the polished wooden wall is the right choice as well.

In this case, the wooden wall will have a very natural look. You can decide not to paint it, to keep its natural look.

However, you should do some treatment for its surface. It will be better if you use the varnished wood as the material.

Wooden basin and Exposed Brick Wall

Industrial Themed Bathroom

If you want to combine any ideas for building an industrial concept image, maximize the look of an exposed brick wall is a brilliant choice.

It will support the idea of the industrial concept that you want to build, especially for the look.

To make it more significant, you can use any wooden basin, vanity, or drawer under the mirror in your bathroom. Then, it will be a very excellent combination.

Along with that, you can also use a copper pipe for the faucet. It will bring more Industrial vibe to your bathroom. It will be a very brilliant movement to decorate your bathroom.

Wooden Pattern for Floor Tiles and Wall

Industrial Themed Bathroom

Adding more wooden look-a-like materials can be helpful for your interior design with the industrial concept. Using this pattern as the floor tiles are a simple example you can do.

Besides that, you also will quickly find out porcelain that can be used as walls with this kind of pattern. This combination will be a good deal for your concept.

Built-In Closet with Wooden Material

Industrial Bathroom Ideas

A built-in closet or wardrobe can be a solution to both interior designs and furniture use. In building a built-in closet, you should consider about space and design.

To make it suits your industrial theme, you can add wood as a simple additional material. Then, your built-in closet will look more natural and suit well the concept.

Exposed Bricks Wall for Bathtub Space

Industrial Themed Bathroom

Combining wall patterns or color could be one of the best innovations in decorating your bathroom.

As you apply this industrial concept, choosing an exposed brick wall as the combination of dark gray color will be the right choice. It will bring more industrial accents in your industrial bathroom.

You can apply the exposed bricks wall for a specific area to create the right combination.

For example, you can apply this kind of wall for the bathtub area. Meanwhile, for the other areas of your bathroom, you can use the dark gray color for the wall.

Stone Pattern Walls

Industrial Bathroom Design

If you want to build an excellent combination for your wall, not only about choosing the color, but also the pattern.

Many patterns or tiles are available for any different concept, include the industrial idea.

In making it matches with this concept, the stone pattern can be one of the best solutions. Applying this kind of wall tiles will be very supportive of your industrial bathroom concept.

Copper Pipe Lamps

Industrial Bathroom Style

Another way to help you in making your bathroom looks more aesthetic is by utilizing the combination of copper pipes for the lamp.

For example, in the picture, you can see that copper pipes become part of LED lamps.

Copper Pipe Towel Rail and Wooden Drawer

Industrial Themed Bathroom

As you might need many tools in your bathroom, of course, you need to prepare for those tools. Something like towel rail, drawer, and many other things are required there.

Of course, those tools should also suit well the decoration concept of your bathroom, which is industrial.

To fulfill that need, you can choose the copper pipe towel rail as the details of your bathroom decoration.

Besides, having wood drawers or shelves can also build a more industrial vibe in your bathroom.

Modern Chic basin

Industrial Bathroom Style

A simple detail like a basin could help the decoration concept and even ruin it.

So, it is essential to consider which basin that suit well with the idea that you have.

In this picture, you can see a simple modern basin that suits well with the interior design. That kind of basin can be a good option for you too.

Simple Grayish Wall and Goldie Faucet

Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Simplicity is one of the best ways to build an industrial concept for your bathroom. Choosing a simple idea will help you to find a more straightforward choice of color and more accessories.

However, it will not affect any aesthetic aspect of your decoration since the more straightforward it looks will make it classier.

Grayish porcelain can be the best solution. You can give a simple honeycomb pattern and utilize gold faucet to make it more attractive.

Classic Black and White Wall

Industrial Bathroom

Choosing black and white colors for your bathroom and its interior design is not that difficult.

When you decide to select the industrial concept for it, you can look for references, and you will find that black and white color is such a right combination.

However, do not put it into something that monochrome; you can add some accents by utilizing gold accessories or perhaps something like copper pipes for it.