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25 Amazing Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

If you’re wondering what to hang on your kitchen walls, you’re in the right place! Below is a list of some of the very best kitchen wall ideas out there. You’ll also find real pictures of decorated kitchen walls for you to take direct inspiration from. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive in!

Hang a Family Appreciation Frame

If your family regularly enjoys meals together at the kitchen’s dinner table, this is the perfect frame for you! 

Hanging a positive family-themed quote frame can help make mealtimes more wholesome. These frames reinforce the idea of familial love and time spent together at home. So, if that’s the kind of vibe you’re going for, consider adding this frame to your kitchen space! 

Paste a Stick-On Wall Decal

If frames aren’t your thing, you can always opt for a stick-on wall decal instead. 

The decal pictured here serves as a reminder to live life and make warm, fun memories during shared mealtime. Because of its large, cursive script, it looks best when placed above the kitchen table for everyone to admire. 

Install a Coffee Cup Themed Wall Ornament

Calling all coffee (and tea) lovers! What better way to express your love for hot drinks than by installing a wall sign dedicated to them? 

This particular ornament is made from iron that’s been painted grey, black, and dark brown – its neutral color scheme helps it seamlessly blend into any kitchen environment. It’s also an excellent option for those in search of inexpensive kitchen wall décor.

Go All-Out with Oversized Cutlery Kitchen Wall Décor

Make a bold statement with these oversized cutlery wall hangings. Their brilliant, silvery finish helps them gently reflect any light that’s cast upon them. This quality makes these ornaments ideal for kitchens with soft, mood lighting as opposed to ones with bright, glaring bulbs. 

Hang a Stylized Kitchen Conversions Chart

Never make a measuring mistake again with this vintage-style wooden kitchen wall art! In addition to providing perfect guidance for all your cooking measurements, this chart can add to your kitchen’s modern farmhouse aesthetic, too. 

Install a Circular Wine Bottle Rack

Every fan of fine wine must incorporate a spacious wine rack into their kitchen. This particular rack boasts a sophisticated circular shape that’s well-suited to modern kitchens. 

It is also the ideal ornament to decorate a large kitchen wall with, thanks to its impressive diameter. 

Nail In a Wooden Wine Shelf and Glass Hanging Rack

What’s better than a decorative rack that can carry both your wine and glasses? 

This kitchen wall ornament both adds to the wall’s aesthetic and improves its functionality. Its two-in-one capability makes this a truly unique kitchen wall décor piece that’s worth investing in.

Keep Your Wine Corks Safe with a Map-Shaped Cork Holder…

Wine bottles and glasses aren’t the only things that need a dedicated rack; corks need one just as much, too! 

Sure, you can store your old bottle corks in a dusty old jar. But why not use them to decorate your kitchen walls instead? 

This map-shaped cork holder does a brilliant job at storing old corks, as well as adding a charming feel to your otherwise bland-looking kitchen wall. 

…Or with a W-I-N-E Lettered Cork Rack!

If you’re not too keen on map-shaped décor, why not try storing your bottle corks in bold metal letters instead? Made of sturdy steel, these letters bear a robust texture that’s ideal for midcentury modern kitchens.  

The best part? – they spell the name of everyone’s most beloved drink; W-I-N-E!

Dress Up Your Wall with Vintage Cocktail Wall Décor

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Celebrate happy hour in your kitchen with vintage wall decorations – like this metal plate – that pay ode to your favorite nighttime drinks!  

Bring in Some Brick Wallpaper

Brick wallpaper can often be seen within both mid century modern and farmhouse-themed kitchens. Thanks to brick’s dynamic versatility, it can be employed virtually anywhere to give a beautiful rustic finish to the wall. 

This paste-on wallpaper is remarkably easy to install and does wonders for your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Once you’ve completed the installation, why not go ahead and hang some more kitchen wall art pieces over it? 

Pay Ode to Your Sweet Tooth with a Cupcake Poster

Remind your taste buds of these wonderful desserts by hanging up a cupcake-themed poster within your kitchen. The poster’s lovely pastel color scheme helps it blend into farmhouse-themed kitchens, as well as vintage ones.  

And who knows? Looking at these mouthwatering desserts might inspire you to bake some of your own, too. Yum! 

Maintain a Minimalist Vibe with a Simple “Kitchen” Sign

If you’re looking to keep things simple, why not opt for this effortless “kitchen” sign? Thanks to its obvious appearance, there’s no doubt that this ornament fits right in with your cooking area’s atmosphere. 

As a bonus, it’ll help ensure your indoor guests always know exactly where they are – just in case they lose their way! 

Tell the Time with a Cutlery Clock

Who said your spoons and forks only belong on the table? With the help of this fantastic cutlery clock, you can hang them up on your walls, too! 

Not only will this clock serve to improve your kitchen wall’s appearance, it’ll also help ensure you always know what time it is. 

Always Stay on Track with this Vintage Coffee Clock

This clock is another great product for coffee lovers. Its vintage design and warm brown finish will look great within the kitchen following a similar theme.

Of course, you can always opt to hang up a regular, non-stylized clock within your kitchen space. However, there’s something special about kitchen-themed clocks that helps create a cozy atmosphere to cook and dine within. 

Light the Way with Basket-Weave Rattan Sconces

In order to truly amplify and uplift your kitchen space, you’ll need to work on finding the perfect lighting. 

This basket-weave rattan sconce is an excellent option for farmhouse-themed kitchens that are looking for dim, warm lights. Its organic appearance makes it the perfect fit for kitchens aiming to maintain a snug, homey vibe. 

Smile Along with the Fox in This Coffee Poster

Does your morning coffee make you smile just like this fox? If yes, this print would make for a perfect addition to your kitchen space! 

This poster is also a wonderful decorative option for those who adore both animals and fine art – and, of course, a large cup of coffee! 

Flaunt Your Favorite Food with this Sushi Plant Poster

Do you love the taste of sushi? Are you a fan of plants? If yes, this innovative, stylized sushi-plant poster would look great in your kitchen! 

Posters are an excellent and affordable way to vamp up empty walls. Their uplifting, warm colors pop right off the wall and can easily brighten up even the dullest of kitchens.

Install a Wall-Mounted Beer Opener Decoration Piece

This beer-themed decoration piece can instantly improve your kitchen wall’s aesthetic, thanks to its bold vintage look. Also, thanks to its handy, wall-mounted style, you’ll never have to worry about losing your beer bottle opener again! 

Spice it Up with a Succulent-Themed Spice Rack

This contemporary kitchen rack offers a practical approach to stocking up your spices. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to add in a few decorative succulents to help liven up the space! 

Plant-lovers will adore the ample space of this item. This decorative rack allows for both tiny, potted succulents and essential kitchen spices. 

Make Your Mark with a Wall Mounted Chalkboard

Both practical and aesthetically pleasing – this rustic chalkboard is perfect for when you need to jot down your kitchen shopping list. Thanks to its large size, you can easily fit all your notes here, as well as write out any important reminders. 

Bring Your Bike

Looking for a creative way to store your fresh greens? This bike country kitchen wall décor might be the answer! It comes complete with a handy basket for you to store essentials within, all while improving your kitchen wall’s appearance. 

Personalize Your Modern Kitchen Wall Décor with Your Zodiac Sign

Fans of the zodiac will adore this astrology-themed kitchen poster. It comes complete with one of the tastiest fruits out there, making it an excellent wall décor option for your kitchen. 

Go Natural with a Pro-Organic Poster

Let everyone know how you like your vegetables with this non-GMO, organic food poster. It’s available in multiple sizes, too, making it an excellent small kitchen wall décor option.

Hang a Butcher Sign

If you regularly work with meat within your kitchen, consider adding this butcher cut sign to your wall. It can help guide you with your cuts, as well as make your plain kitchen wall look lively. 

Final Words

Now that you’ve gone over this brilliant list of kitchen wall designs, you’ve hopefully found something that’s to your liking. 

When shopping for ornaments, try to stick to pieces that align with your kitchen’s theme.

So, for example, if your kitchen is vintage or farmhouse-themed, opt for vintage kitchen wall decorations over modern ones. This will help you create a unique and eye-catching aesthetic atmosphere.