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23 Cream Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style

By: Allan Bryce

Kitchen remodeling in your to-do plans? How about trying new kitchen cabinets? Change the look of old ones and give a completely new ambiance to your cooking zone.

There are so many types of kitchen cabinets but today we’ll focus on just one color – cream. Cream or beige colored cabinets go with just about any other color tone. So whether you like a modern look or a traditional tone, cream will go perfectly with it.

Let’s check out some cool looking cream kitchen cabinets.

A Luxurious Kitchen Appeal

Cream can bring that luxurious warm appeal to your kitchen. This kitchen has a uniform color theme with cream ruling the scheme. If you want your kitchen to have warmer accents, you can include a hint of red or orange to the place as well.

The vase in the middle looks beautiful and adds not just color but also opulence to the space. A couple of houseplants placed here and there always add greenery to the area and bring it alive. It’s a pretty large kitchen and that adds to the luxury of the place.

An Open Kitchen

If you don’t like restraining walls, the open layout will be the most suitable for you. But with an open layout, you cannot give a different theme or color scheme to each room. So if you’re planning to use cream in the kitchen, it will be used elsewhere in the house as well.

Here, the cream concept is carried out to the dining space and the living room as well. Teal is used in different places to provide an accent. A random teal throw on the couch and teal cushions can provide an accent to the living room. And in the kitchen, a teal vase or a teal appliance will do the trick

Make it Beautiful with the Right Lighting

No matter which corner of your home you want to upgrade, light plays an important role in it. Of course, cream adds warmth, but the magic is created by lights. If you love experimenting with different light fixtures, you’ll love this style.

There’s a wrought iron box chandelier hanging from the ceiling and long-armed wall lights that can be positioned to focus the light on the right areas. The golden and white color of these lights add a touch of luxury to the place. With black window frames, the box chandelier blends perfectly well with the interiors.

A Combination of Cream and Brown

With cream cabinets, you still have a lot of areas where you can try different colors. For example, the countertop and the appliances can be of different colors. The cabinet handles can be made to look unique. You also get to play around with colors on the walls, ceiling, and flooring. 

This kitchen has a light brown countertop and metallic grey and black appliances. If cream gets too overwhelming, you can always play with other colors. And if you’re okay with some more cream in the kitchen, the flooring can also be of the same color.

Small Kitchen and Cream Shades

Since cream is a shade that reflects luxury, it is suitable for large kitchens. But this doesn’t mean a small kitchen won’t look good in shades of cream. Check out this kitchen and dining area that’s small and yet carries cream beautifully. The cream colored kitchen cabinets look astonishingly beautiful and the color is carried further in the backsplash and dining table.

The entire kitchen is made to look cream and the lights enhance that soft brown appeal. The flowers in the vase add a splash of color to the otherwise almost monochromatic tone of the space.

Cream Kitchen Cabinets with Industrial Appeal

The industrial appeal is generally made by colors such as grey, black, and metallic shades. But you can do it even with cream color! Check out these creamy white kitchen cabinets that are pretty much typical of what you’d find in an ordinary home. But then look at the lighting and you’ll get that industrial feel.

With open frames made of wrought iron glazed with black paint, your kitchen will get a raw industrial appeal. You can also create some fixtures using metal pipes to enhance the entire industrial look. The wooden flooring gives a traditional look to the space that goes well with the industrial appeal.

Cream Cabinets and Shabby Chic Appeal

Keep the cabinets open for a raw country appeal. These cream colored open cabinets have a beautiful appeal that will take you to the bygone era. The kitchen backsplash is made of wooden planks while below the sink area is covered with a curtain. The covered area is made of worn out wooden planks.

The dishes are stacked beautifully over the sink and the dining area has different chairs to enhance the beautiful shabby chic style. The rough finish of the wall and the wooden planks on the ceiling also add to the look. The entire area has an attractive cream and brown theme.

A Cabin in the Forest Look

If you love the rustic and forest-y appeal, this theme will suit your needs. The cabins are made of light colored wood and are of cream color. The walls have stone or woodwork on them. The wooden floor adds to the cabin look and the rug adds an accent to the place.

The look of the place speaks of its durability with heavy wood and stone work everywhere. The kitchen island is made of black granite, which goes perfectly with the cream cabinets. This contrast makes the place look interesting and beautiful.

Cream Granite with Cream Cabinets

While darker colors look great with cream cabinet (since cream is a light color), you can experiment with light colors as well. The general rule is to go with a dark brown or a reddish brown granite slab so it creates a nice contrast. But if you want to get an all cream theme, you can try a cream colored granite slab as well.

This kitchen has an all light-colored look. Even the backsplash of the kitchen is light in color. However, the flooring is made of dark wood, which does provide some contrast to an otherwise completely cream kitchen.

White-Cream Cabinets with Grey Walls

Cream and grey are two neutral colors that will easily fit into almost any color scheme. And when they are combined together, they will blend perfectly in each other. In this kitchen, while the cabinets are white cream in color, the walls are grey. This kitchen is looking perfectly modern and the wooden countertop adds a classic touch to it.

The ceiling lights are of the same shade as the wall and are creating an excellent theme. It’s a small kitchen but looks absolutely amazing with the right color theme and the right appliances organized in the right way.

Brick Backsplash with Cream Cabinets

When you’re getting cream cabinets, a red brick look will be just perfect for the kitchen backsplash. And to match it with the countertop, make sure you get a dark wooden look for it. So the light shades of cabinets and even appliances get balanced out by the remaining elements.

As you can imagine, a kitchen that carries red, reddish brown, and cream as its primary colors would give a warm appeal. This kitchen has the perfect look that is cozy and welcoming. It’s a mix of modern and traditional looks and just the perfect kitchen, although it’s pretty small.

Lime-n-Lemony Shades

Cream means boring? Think again. Plan well and your kitchen can absolutely any shade you want. You’re craving for some bright red on Valentine’s Day? Or Orange near Thanksgiving? Cream goes with anything so no matter what color you want to go with this season, it will look absolutely gorgeous. 

This kitchen has cream cabinets, white walls and ceilings, and a dark wooden floor. The only thing you need to do to change the appearance is change the rug. A lemony yellow rug will give it a bright summery feel. Place some greens in the kitchen to complete the look. Keep changing the basic décor according to the season.

A Kitchen Fit for a Palace

If you have a large kitchen, don’t make it look any less than a palace kitchen. With the right type of renovation and decoration, your kitchen can look like it’s a part of a big castle. Every bit of this kitchen spells luxury. From the cream cabinets to the dark granite countertops. Even the handles on the cabinets are carefully selected to give it an exquisite royal look.

The candelabra chandelier hanging on top of the kitchen island illuminates the place beautifully and the arch shaped windows bring back the memories of classic architectural marvels. The ceiling is dark chocolate in color – something you can try only when you have enough area to experiment with. 

Make it More Beautiful with Tulips

I mean, let’s agree, cream could get a bit boring at times. And at those times, you’ll start craving for color. Make it red, yellow, and green with a vase of beautiful tulips. A table lamp doesn’t traditionally belong in the kitchen but when it’s your kitchen, you make the rules.

Place a table lamp near the vase to illuminate the flowers and to bring more brightness to the space. Let your kitchen bask in its soft glow and come alive with colors with just this simple trick – a vase of beautiful tulips!

Benjamin Moore Paints and Cream Cabinets

Benjamin Moore paints are known for providing a fine finish to wherever they are applied. If you want your kitchen to look exquisite, you can use these paints to give it a new look. The cream cabinets are topped with a dark brown granite slab. Cream and brown is always a safe combination. 

The cabinets have a nice design on them which is old school but very stylish. Also, the cabinet handles make the kitchen look traditional and classy. It’s an open kitchen that combines with the dining hall. Cream walls and white ceiling give a wonderful look to the place.

Cream Cabinets with Exposed Brick Wall

What type of walls look the best with cream cabinets? To be honest, just about any type of wall will go well with cream kitchen cabinets. That’s the beauty of cream – it matches with anything. And yet, if you want your kitchen to stand out, walls can play a major role. An exposed brick wall can add a warm touch to the kitchen. 

There are open cream cabinets and closed ones as well. If you want to decorate your glassware, there are open shelves too. The white and black granite slab looks good with the cream cabinets and the houseplants add a touch of color and freshness to the place.

Exposed Marble Sink with Cream Cabinets

Sinks are generally covered by cabinets. But if you have a stylish marble sink, there is no point hiding it. This white marble sink sits beautifully on cream cabinets and creates a space for itself. The windows of the kitchen are white the granite countertop is light brown. With so many light colors, it’s natural to desire something colorful. 

A vase will be perfect in this situation. While a white vase with white flowers is looking good, I personally feel that a bright red or orange vase with yellow flowers would have looked fiery and vividly awesome. 

Extra Large Cream Cabinets for More Storage Space

Whether you have a big house or a small one, we all run out of storage space. No matter how much storage you have, it will all run out sooner or later. So plan well and start smart. Large cabinets will ensure you have enough space for every little thing that’s related to the kitchen.

Spices, small appliances, crockery, silverware, kitchen towels – everything you will ever need in the kitchen can be kept in these cabinets. And when they are divided into multiple shelves, they let you store multiple things in a single cabinet.

A Combination of Brown and Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of using the same shade on all the kitchen cabinets, how about making it a bit different at places? For example, the cabinets under the stove can have a different shade and provide an accent to the kitchen. Since a kitchen contains many small elements, we generally don’t think about providing an accent in this space.

But accent can actually look majestic. Here, it is done using brown cabinets that go well with the cream cabinets on either side. And the dark brown of the accent cabinet matches the kitchen island countertop, making it a very even theme.

A Glamorous Look with the Right Lighting

This kitchen uses two shades of cream to adorn the cabinets. And while cream can get pretty boring, it’s not the case here. Since there are two shades, the kitchen looks alive and popping. The countertop is made of dark granite that suits both shades of cream.

The lights hanging over the kitchen island have a very glamorous appeal. Hanging lights are always stylish, especially when they match the colors of the space. The walls are of a light brown shade that blends perfectly with cream cabinets and the entire space looks marvelous.

A Rustic Farmhouse Appeal

Bring a rustic appeal to your kitchen with a brown wooden countertop. And that’s not all – use a frilly curtain beneath the sink area instead of a proper cabinet space – just the way grandma used to have. The kitchen slab takes a 90-degree turn and becomes the dining area. The stools are kept under it to save space. 

A beautiful and traditional kitchen with raw brick looks to make it look even more magical. Add the farmhouse appeal with a sign that says Farmer’s Market. A couple of houseplants will make the place look more alive, quite like a real farmhouse.

Exposed Beams and Cream Cabinets

Exposed beams always look amazing. They have this rustic charm that’s hard to miss. And this style looks even more exquisite with a wooden ceiling. Depending on your preference, you can add as many elements in the kitchen. For example, this space has multiple elements and you’d be confused where to focus on first.

With cream cabinets and wooden walls, ceiling, and floor, this kitchen as a treehouse aura. The pans that hang from above are practical as well as beautiful. Whenever you need to fry something, a pan is just at an arm’s length.

White Granite and Walls with Cream Cabinets

Since cream is a light color, most people think of darker shades when it comes to the granite countertop. But plain white slabs look equally good or sometimes even better. White quartz kitchen countertops don’t just look great but they’re also durable and will last for ages without scratches.

The walls of the kitchen have white tile work with a raw brick look. The kitchen cabinets are cream and the window frames are black in color. It creates a unique and beautiful theme that’s minimalist and contemporary. If you want to add a touch of tradition, go with wooden flooring.

Get Inspired by Cream

Cream is a color that goes well with almost everything. And this is why it is always a safe bet. You want to change the backsplash later? No problem, cream cabinets will look great with the new one. Appliances need to be changed? Cream looks good. Countertop needs a makeover? Cream will go well! Yes, cream is evergreen. And a safe bet!